When do you drink your teas? Morning, noon, or at night?

Gissele Q.
I drink different teas for different times of the day just because I love tea so much. But I so feel that drinking a relaxing tea (e.g. anything chamomile) before bed helps me drift off quickly.
Heather T.
I actually drink tea morning and night. I make myself a matcha latte first thing in the morning and I have a decaf sleepytime blend in the evening, right before bed.
Marissa Y.
Morning and night usually, morning is always chai or black so it’s more for caffeine night is for the sleepy or relaxation teas. Different varieties for different times
Suyin N.
All day every day! I avoid green, red, oolong and black tea in the evening as they contain a thing similar caffeine so i tend more towards infusions like mint or chamomile and I avoid drinking tea an hour before going to sleep because otherwise i have to get ip in the middle of the night to go pee.
Gianna S.
I usually drink tea in the morning or in the afternoon. The type of tea and the time of day is important too. I stick with anything containing caffeine in the morning and anything soothing and relaxing during the afternoon.
Barbara C.
I might have Earl grey or another black tea early in the morning before my coffee/instead of it, or in the afternoon for a boost. And then some non-caffeinated tea before bed, like chamomile or nettle!