When do you guys drink tea, any particular part of the day that it makes so much better?

Zeriah U.
I like to drink tea right before bed to help me relax, but I have tea in the mornings as well/instead when it's cold, to help warm me up.

Katia B.
I drink it cold in the afternoon when I am feeling sleepy and still have things to do, and hot in the evening 30 minutes before going to sleep.

Marthe E.
I drink tea the whole day, but I particularly like it in the evening, just before heading to bed. Warm belly, I suppose.

Antonio C.
First of all I always prefer coffee over tea ….. I don't know but it always gives me power…..to concentrate ….. To relax….. It's best to drink it in morning & in evening ,for morning it relaxes your mind for the whole day ……& For evening it gives relief from stress …… BUT!!!!! Drinking coffee to late can take off your sleep….. So always drink a light cup in evening & never drink strong coffee late at night

Vanessa S.
I am a big tea drinker! I want it right when I wake after doing my morning ritual! Then about 2-3 pm I love a little cuppa with a small snack! It’s a refreshing break in the day I look forward too!