Is tea naturally caffeinated? Would it be better to drink decaffeinated tea?

Alie G.
Green, black, white, mate, and guyasa teas contain caffeine. Decaffeination involves chemical processing, and it's hard to know about that process just from reading the label.

Herbal teas are naturally caffeine free without any processing, so if you're reducing your caffeine intake or restricting it to certain times of day, I highly recommend finding a naturally caffeine free herbal tea blend that you enjoy.

Irina S.
Yes it is, but not all tea has caffeine. In general, black, white and green tea has caffeine in various doses. Herbal teas do not have any caffeine. To be sure, always check the packaging or ask server for details.
Brianna T.
Not all tea is caffeinated! Black and green tea do contain caffeine, as does white tea (but not as much) However, there are A LOT of herbal choices, such as chamomile and jasmine, that are naturally caffeine free!
Violeta O.
Some teas contain a bit of caffeine- black tea for example.
Most teas contain teine/theine-a thing similar to coffeine but healthlier.
Caffeine is effective Whitin 15-20minutes peaking 30minutes after drink Ing Coffee.
Teine/theine is released slower and the energizing after drinking tea is milder in effect but the effect is longer working
Megan E.
Tea does have caffeine but there is no reason why you should not drink caffeine. If you are worried it will affect your sleep you can try decaf tea, but this still does contain yrace amounts of caffeine so herbal tea would be better if you want to completely avoid it. Caffeine itself is not bad for you though