What is the best tea for waking up?

Gunther O.
Probably red tea. Since my grandma used usually sugar in her red tea it's probably better to drink that in the morning so you wake up. But sometimes she also uses honey but these are both pretty sugary and are bad for ur teeth but keeps u awake sooo.. win win!:)

Andr A S.
I imagine green tea is probably best because of the caffeine content amd it is a great metabolism kickstarter. English breakfast may be a good option, though I am a coffee drinker myself.

Yolanda U.
Green or black, depending on what u prefer. White and red should be drunk in the afternoon/eavning as not to keep you up all night.

Sheeva F.
Personally I start my day with a tea that I make myself. It's a mix of orange and lemon slices with ginger and honey. It boost your metabolic and immune system. Orange and lemon help u freshen up and full of energy for the rest of your day. Persian Black tea is a good idea too.

Jamilah N.
I love peppermint tea brewed with White tea. Peppermint is invigorating and white tea has the least amount of caffeine. But if you want caffeine Earl Grey is the best with English Breakfast as a close second IMO 🙂

Emma J.
Oolong tea is my first choice. I prefer low caffeine beverages. So my heart rate won't go too fast. Also allow me to sleep without too much energy.

Avery N.
Depends on your caffeine tolerance. I like black teas like Earl Grey or English Breakfast since they have a moderate amount of caffeine. Green tea has an even smaller amount of caffeine, so that's a great choice to. If you don't want any caffeine, I really like mint teas in the morning.

Jacqui C.
If you’re a Brit, I’m sure a lovely Breakfast Blend is just perfect. A caffeine-free morning detox blend might suit some, or chai for some spiced toastiness..

Matteo T.
I say green tea is the best tea for waking up because it’s actually made natural plus it’s a drink that could keep you calmed. Unless it gets cold and you’ve made it hot. Even though I’m not the type to drink tea like that but if I had a go to tea, it would be green tea.

Tjshana F.
I love drinking a mint great tea when waking up. It’s really refreshing with the mint and green tea is very good for you

Jay Q.
I really enjoy preparing matcha in the morning. The whole process of boiling the water, measuring it out and whisking it brings a whole ceremonial aspect to my morning routine. And I love the flavor which is the most important part.

Danny O.
I like green tea with lemon and a bit of salt or black tea with sugar cane. But to be honest, my best drink to wake up is the water in the morning as soon as I open my eyes.

Dee P.
I fast 15:9 daily. So, I have sensha 1st thing before my breakfast. It provides a gentle start to my day. I prefer green teas as they are better for you. I also drink herbal teas I make with flowers & cinnamon.
Now, if you prefer black tea, I love Irish & English Breakfast teas. Nice flavor.

Jess N.
Whatever kind makes you happy! I switch between jasmine green and black teas. Depends on my mood. Also, avoid caffeine if you have bad anxiety.

Iga C.
I think the best tea to wake up is either the strong black tea – English breakfast type or something fresh and energizing like mint tea, ginger tea with lemon and so on.

Anya Z.
For me it’s black English tea with lemon (obviously no milk) and can put sugar too. Black tea gives me a kick and lemon makes me feel refreshed with a soothing effect.

Hailey E.
A “Puka” tea is always nice to have before you go to bed or for when you wake up. It doesn’t have caffeine in it but it’s refreshing and there are lots of nice different flavours.

Andrea X.
For me the best tea for waking up is ginseng tea because it gives me a burst of energy or any other tea that is fruit flavoured (I.e pineapple, pomegranate, watermelon, berry). Besides the energising properties of these tea’s they are also naturally sweet so there is no need to add sugar

Aine F.
I like mint tea or ginger. Something without milk! I find the ginger helpful when I need a bigger wake up or burst of energy and mint helpful when I am having a relaxing morning.

Sabrina Z.
I think a cup of black currant ceylon tea is a pretty good idea for a morning and afternoon to evening tea choice, maybe?
tbh idk, maybe that’s just cuz I rlly luv some fragranced n fruity scented taste of tea flavors?
I mean, I do luv some good strawberry n peach tea too, so maybe that’s why.
but other than some fruit infused tea leaves, I also do enjoy a good cup of green tea n peppermint tea, n OOH I enjoy some flowery infused tea bags such as jasmine n chamomile too!

Marianne W.
Depends on what mood you’re in. If you’re about to hit the ground running with meetings or deep work, I’d recommend a string Black tea. But, if you’re taking it easy, maybe about to do yoga/meditation or read a book, I’d start with a slightly strong, but just as delicious green tea with a tinge of caffeine. Bigelow has one called “focus”. It’s yummy

Jennifer Z.
Harney & Sons – Hot Cinnamon Spice (very strong cinnamon taste)
Tazo – Awake English Breakfast (highly caffeinated)
Bigelow – Earl Gray (Practically Perfect in Every Way).

Makayla S.
The best tea for waking up is Peppermint because the smell sensors my brain to wake up just like water it prepare my body for the day.

Megan N.
I think it depends on the type of morning person you are. I am normally drinking coffee but when I don’t I like to have a green tea in the morning because if provides me with the caffeine. If you don’t like green tea maybe a chamomile. Or you can experiment on what works best for you.

Silv Ria T.
The best tea for waking up as I've heard about it is Green Tea. Yes, it doesn't taste great but it's really good for your health or so I've heard. Increases metabolism and a lot of other things. But I prefer the usual tea after good breakfast.

Jonas N.
Lemon ginger tea in the morning to wake me up I also like green tea sometimes lavender blueberry tea And usually I sit outside to drink tea in the morning before I do exercising

Claude T.
Green or black tea, i prefer a blend of green teas which i rotate. There are some who even taste sweet😉. Green and black tea contain teein and wake you up. Take white and red teas in the evening or during the afternoon. They wont keep you awake at night.

Mpho Z.
I love starting my day with either rooibos tea (no sugar) or green tea. I take it just above luke warm and it really helps me start my day.

Alessandra O.
You can motivate yourself by seeing them and saying"If i wanna be like tgat,i need to try harder"And tell yourself everyday that you can make it..Eventually you'll see changes

Ars Nio W.
In the morning, you need something to give you energy and power to start your they like a pro. I will recommend a tea with ginger (and any sweet of your preference if you'd like)

Gunter Y.
For me my go to is Lady Grey or Earl Grey Tea. Any black tea has more caffeine in it, which is not always great for everyone. Another option is any type of green tea. Chamomile and teas that are similar to this are soothing and calming teas, which I like to use at the end of the day to ready myself into a restful state. I also like chai tea for waking up or even a fruit flavored tea that has a little zing to it like raspberry, and if you like cider- apple cinnamon flavor tea is great especially on a cold morning. I hope this helped a little bit!

Billy Z.
Green Tea !
One of the most popular teas around, green tea is the perfect beverage to wake you up. With just a splash of caffeine to awaken your body and clear your mind, this drink is the perfect way to jump-start your morning.

Lianne J.
I'm not great at skincare routines, but I do know that applying moisturizer is very good for you. Putting on sunscreen is also really important to do

Alessandra O.
You can do lemon with ginger tea.It's super refreshing and puts you with a good mood.

You should drink it before you eat your breakfast.
If you want it a little bit sweeter put honey instead of sugar.

Jennifer Z.
I like Harney & Sons – Hot Cinnamon Spice tea. It’s a black tea with a very heavy cinnamon flavor. If you’re not a fan of cinnamon, Tazo -Awake English Breakfast tea is good. But I wouldn’t drink it on an empty stomach. There’s a lot of caffeine. If you can’t tolerate lots of caffeine, I’d try Bigelow – Earl Gray tea.

Hadi Q.
i think maybe green tea it sounds nice and refreshing to wake up to in the morning i also think it would be a nice start to your day

Kirsten N.
i don’t really know?🤍 i think it’s whatever u like the most and which one is your favourite because u can complete all your morning routine then treat your self to your favourite cup of tea 🍵 i usually like normal tea or green tea 🥰💐💗 cause those are my favourites ❤️

Kitty J.
The best tea for waking up is a nice hot cup of tea. I like it strong with 2 sugars, a splash of milk and for it to be in a cute mug of my choice. This is a good way to start off any day.

Allen S.
I use yogi tea ☕️ they have a positive energy tea, it’s citrus 🍊 and it’s taste amazing I’ll add honey to it for some extra sugar kick. You can find it at your local Walmart!

Kylie W.
Normally I would have a English to quick start my dad and give me just the dose of caffeine I needed. But I recently started having a glass of water and then a Lipton peach ice tea ins fused with green tea it’s makes me feel refreshed and it’s helped me be a better morning person and have the energy I need throughout the day

Tasnim F.
Green tea. I make mine pretty strong. It steeps while I’m in the shower. I drink it while getting ready to start the day.

Raven G.
I’m sure there are actual teas out there that are better to drink in the morning, but I tend to choose my morning delight with the first one that comes to mind

Alessandra O.
The best tea for waking up is definitely mixed berry tea. It feels like a hug from nature. It’s calming and a start to a great day.

Karla V.
There is always different type of tea for every mood, because we don't wake up feeling the same everyday. Personally, in the morning is best Chamomile tea or Green tea. If you are trying losing some weight, and being healthy then Green tea it is.

Sukriti Z.
I believe, for waking up it's good to drink herbal tea as it it will have a soothing and calming effect on your body. Your body then will have much energy to go on with the rest of the day, and eventually, you'll have a wonderful day.

Liran O.
There are 2 answers I think to this question.
If you need caffeine a real tea like black or green is great. Herbal tea's do not contain caffeine so those are better at night.
If you would just like to give your morning a boost, hot lemon water is often recommended.

Enola A.
Green tea,as it contains caffeine and will boost up your energy. Also try to add lemon on your green tea,lemon does reduce stress and it gives you a fresh taste.

Greta Z.
I feel like green tea is the best tea in the morning when you need to wake up because it gives you the right amount of energy and it’s also detox purifying and actually delicious!

Bendita S.
I love Irish Breakfast or English breakfast. Both are a black tea served hot and have the most caffeine that you can get out of a tea.

Addison Z.
I don’t like to drink tea in the morning so I usually have an orange juice and before I go to bed at night I drink green tea or chai

Alessandra O.
To reach my full potential so I can live my life to the fullest. Become a better person and reflect that in other people as well so I can motivate them to reach their full potential as well.

Lianne J.
I like to wake up without caffeine, as it can lead to a crash later-on in the day. Instead, try drinking that tastes good and makes you excited! What’s a Rea you really like? I love hibiscus tea! It is delicious and makes me excited to start the day.

Christina S.
I enjoyed a caffeinated tea for the morning. You can try your common black tea, green tea, oolong or a white tea. I also enjoy matcha (ripened green tea leaves mashed up and made into a frothy tea-like beverage. Last but not least, a favorite of mine, is masala chai. There are many variations/flavors of chai drinks, give them a shot. Also, check out Adagio Teas online for high quality, loose leaf teas delivered right to your door. I know they also used to do monthly mini sampler packages, that may be a great option for you to get more familiar with what teas you enjoy the most.

Catherine T.
I always enjoy Tao’s green tea that has caffeine to get a healthy boast to my metabolism and some caffeine to fell more awake and energized for the day!

In S S.
Black tea is a good susbstitute for coffee (lemon or apple cinnamon).. Green tea is also a good tipe to start your morning

Sally A.
Personal opinion – Indian dust tea boiled in milk has a soothing effect on the body. Add cardamom for extra flavours. Sit aside a window (preferably alone) gazing the nature and take small sips . It's not just about the tea, it's about the experience.

Hermelinda P.
Black tea is the most caffeinated so will give you the most energy and focus, but green tea is also a good option. Both have a bunch of health benefits, they'll help to detox your body and leave you feeling fresh. I'd drink them after breakfast though – sometimes they can give you a tummy ache if you drink them on an empty stomach. But everyone is different. I also like Peppermint, Lemon and Ginger, and Rooibos as caffeine-free options :^)

Brittany J.
I like herbal teas, I think its good to change which tea you drink every now and then, maybe a different one for each day so that you have a favourite and least favorite. Causing you to face slight hardships and have things to look forward to.

Daniel T.
I go on what I call a “gratitude rampage”. I start finding anything for which I am grateful. It gets easier each day, and the list grows!

Rhona N.
I think it’s green tea
I’ve been drinking green tea for some time now. It gives me the necessary caffeine kick to start my morning

Alfredo O.
Good question. Well if you are a coffee lover your probably used to caffeine to start your day. For this reason i would suggest Black tea or green tea as they both contain small amounts of caffeine, mostly Black tea. I personally do not use products with caffeine in them so i drink Yogi tea, herbal tea and mint tea, sometimes i Even add honey or drops of Liquid stevia, as a sweeter treat. And for the walking up part, studies show that an Apple in the morning works just as well as a cup of coffee. And of course starting your day with a glass of water.

Maile P.
Breakfast tea it gets you energised and happy for the whole day and it balances out your mood and you are less tired, Maile Brigitta Cahill-Ritter.💕🧿🦋🐝

Olivia K.
I would think theEarl Grey tea is the best! Or maybe English breakfast with milk!! ANYWAYS BYE YOU STUPID UGLY LOOOSERRRSS!!!

Cecile Z.
I prefer green tea when waking up up as it gives me a caffeine boost and helps my metabolism in the morning. Plus green tea is tasty!

Lorenzo O.
In my opinion I think most teas do help waking up but some help falling asleep like camomile. The tea that I use is morning tea it really gives you an energy boost to be ready for whatever you will face in your day!

Brigitte J.
Personally I go for green tea with some honey to sweeten it and squeeze half a lemon into it , it helps me wake up faster

Carl U.
Black tea; it's got a lot of caffeine and tastes good. It's the best if you put milk and sugar in it, a nice start to a morning

Michael O.
I really love black tea in the mornings. It really doesn't matter what blend, whether it be English breakfast, Irish breakfast, Earl Grey, an oolong, or some other black tea blends, if it is black tea it's perfect for breakfast.

Banu N.
Green tea works better at waking up as a healty choice. On the other hand, drinking coffee right after green tea in mornings cause tachycardia, experienced 🙂

Christine R.
During work days it takes me around 20 min. I like to enjoy my coffee, have a talk with my family telling to each other the plan for the day. During my weekends it could take longer, especially with the conversation with my family 😉

Mathew E.
For waking up? Probably Jasmine, Chamomile, Green Tea, Peppermint or English Breakfast Tea for me. There’s just a great boost of energy yet so subtle and calming.

Mariann W.
Well this was the answer to a previous question…I learned to love lifting weights these last few months. I needed to add a new maneuver something to give a jolt to my system as I had reached a plateau and was stuck.
I am fond of squats and have once again found Val the Zumba lady and she comes online four times a week she’s under the weather and sent us a recorded class! I know now that I need to burn fat daily and can do it for lengths of time which helps a lot. I also found a guy on Saturday mornings and he took my heart to a whole née level so I’m looking forward to Saturday morning. Exercise has been great for me lately; this is the month my Dad and my Husband passed away and am walking with a long time friend 50+ years as she has lost her mother and her oldest son so the sweat and the tears have been very beneficial for the emotional times as a stress reliever and I’m so glad it’s available. Thankful for technology today oh and I forgot high knees and jumping jacks, backwards lunges and overhead squats with my bar.
I only drink hibiscus tea in the am or on chilly afternoons.

Christina S.
A caffeinated black tea is great in the mornings, especially as an alternative for coffee drinkers. You can add milk and sugar and the taste isn't the same but there are more similarities than with other tea drinks. There are many other caffeinated teas including green, white and oolong. Matcha is raw green tea leaves pressed before they turn. There is a special process to prepare Matcha and it can be involved but it's fun to try. I actually really enjoy masala chai in the mornings. Adagio Teas sells high quality, affordable, loose tea online.

Pat J.
I alternate between black (chai, earl grey) and a mix of green tea with yerba mate. I used to drink my own homemade infusion for months. The recipe was the following:
For a week, counted in tablespoons
4 x yerba mate
1 x ginger root
1 x pepermint
1 x gotu kola
1 x gingko biloba
1 x rosemary
1 x verbena
1 x hibiscus
Water 90-95 Celsius and let it rest for 3-5min (3=mild, 5=slightly bitter)

Mia Q.
Black, green or "fruit" tea. I add ice and honey with it too. The tea i have though doesn't have any caffeine in it. But whatever you like more is fine.

Ronald P.
people tend to say that green tea is best because of the caffeine but I actually think that the act of drinking tea already makes me feel more energized and hydrated (as long as it isn't a tea with sleeping properties such as chamomile bc It makes me very sleepy). so I would highly recommend green tea if you think it works best and peach, apple and orange tea bc these are my fav flavors ❤️

Sam N.
It depends on how you feel after waking up. I’m a very sleepy person so when I wake up, drinking something refreshing, iced, and heavily caffeinated works best. Usually it’s English breakfast or a green jasmine.

Jennifer N.
I just recently started drinking tea in the morning, kinda grew a appeal to mountain tea. So that would be my recommendation 🙂

Silje W.
English breakfast or earl grey. Taste is great and if they have bergamot it is full of vitamin C so it really makes a difference. Gives you the extra energy 🙂

Milissa Z.
Green tea – palate cleansing, naturally caffeinated, and a simple taste. Green tea is warm, comforting, and slowly wakes me up.

Villads Z.
The best tea to wake you up is:
green tea- renowned for health benefits ranging from accelerated weight loss to lower blood pressure.
black tea.
yerba mate.
peppermint tea.
liquorice root tea.
ginger tea.
chamomile tea.

Teresa X.
I don’t use tea to wake up. I drink tea herbal in afternoon or evening. Personal preference is Sleepytime. I like the blend. So many options, find one for your tastes.

Melvin T.
I personally love Chamomile, Peppermint, Anise, or Chai tea! Those have multiple benefits for you and they taste amazing!

Logan Y.
Raspberry or Herbal tea is a good wake up call. It gets you going out of bed and start your day. Those would be two of the best to wake up to. Especially when it’s hot or worm.

Elis T.
The best tea for waking up is probably black tea, but this year, I personally prefer to drink green tea made out of homegrown peppermint

R My Y.
From the science point of view, the best one is black tea. It has the most caffeine from the tea's. But I need to say, that's my answer too, bc I'm used too drink a lot of black tea all of the time.

Hannah F.
I personally really enjoy a warm cup of plain organic green tea, which is naturally caffeinated. I also add a bit of raw honey to it, which is not only delicious and good for you, but also has the benefit of being an energy booster. A lovely energy boost without any jitters 🍵🍯

Ted F.
The usual type. It has coffein in it so it's probably the best if you want some additional energy in the morning. Just make sure it's hot don't add too much sugar.

Jade S.
I personally love English breakfast tea, because it gives me the right amount of energy! But sometimes it depends on which type of breakfast I'm having, so I often drink also red berries one or green tea if I feel bloated.. Try many types, it's fun and you'll find your favourite eventually

Laura T.
I personally prefer a good herbal mix, since its sweetness pairs very well with most breakfast foods and gives a gentle start into the day. Green tea is also a good choice, as long as you take care not to accidentally boil the leaves. With its natural antioxidants and its (admittedly low and so less addictive) caffeine, it's also a great breakfast tea.
You want a pleasant start into the day from a flavor perspective? Your call, for me its herbal/fruittea. From a chemical one? Black, green, or oolong.

Pamela G.
Well, personally, I don't drink anything except a big glass of water. Water can help you flush out bacteria in your body and help you feel more energetic. I recommend drinking at least a big mouthful of water before you brush your teeth, and before you eat your breakfast.

Paul G.
usually when i wake up i’m intermittent fasting, so my tea options are limited; i can’t have anything with macros or it’ll break the fast. i usually like to drink a glass of cold brewed green tea, or if i’m feeling chilly, i’ll make some mint tea or some genmaicha.

Ma Lyne Z.
I’m not sure but I have this special floss that makes it easier for braces so that works for me. There’s also kinds for people without braces!

Tim F.
I like ginseng tea ; same energy as caffeine but not the addiction! Lemon ginger is also light and hydrating. I like my gold standard Earle Grey with a touch of coconut cream.

Jenny U.
I really really enjoy matcha but it's true that is not for everybody, my second pic would be black tea with a splash of milk or a bit of honey

Dwight C.
In my opinion the best tea for waking up would be a strong black tea even if I don't drink black tea myself. This is due to the caffeine and the strong taste as it will wake you up with an energy boost.

Louise U.
I like Tetley's English breakfast tea. It's strong and smooth. I also like Earl Grey, it's a bit more aromatic but comforting.

Jessi G.
If you are struggling to keep going, do one small thing and be done. Don’t allow guilt or shame in. We all go through ups and downs in our willpower. Willpower is like physical endurance. It is not unlimited. We all get motivation fatigue. What is your body telling you? Instead of pushing yourself, reflect and figure out what you need. It may be rest. It may be a new goal. It may be alone time. Or something else. But reflect with kindness. Tomorrow is a new day.

Lidia C.
I think every tea that makes you happy is perfect. Green tea is healthy and a good alternative for coffee. But just do what makes you happy, it will help to wake up in a positive vibe 🙂

William G.
matcha because it provides me with the caffeine and doesn’t give me a crash later on. and chai tea because the taste is warming and a black tea is best in the morning

Bianca N.
I think the best is from forest fruits….Refreshing, simple and energetic it gives you not only a delicious taste but a doze of productivity that will get you through the day successfully for you to accomplish everything that you want. So yeah, forest fruits: all that the forest could give you in one tea.

Heinz Georg X.
There are 3 teas you can have

1. Honey and lemon tea
2. Ginger Tea
3. Thyme and Rosemerry tea.

Use natural ingredients then packaged to have best effects

Sam Z.
I usually drink green tea, but some days I drink Lime tea with honey and some kiwi flavor. Today I wanted to try something else so I try an energy drink tea with anis, kiwi, straberry and lemon

Meran N.
Green tea 🍵 contains caffeine with a ton of other benefits but doesn't satisfy my taste buds so I usually take red tea with mint or sage

Nay A.
I usually meditate laying down but I do sit I sit with my bottom of my feet touching an my hands on my legs with my middle finger an thumb touching

Seshani O.
A strong milk tea. Which means with a high ratio of strong tea leaves. It not only awaken a sleepy brain but the milk also provides nutrition like calcium.

Alexander W.
I use tea to quit coffee so it helps to switch to a high caffeine tea and then taper down to black tea, green tea, etc. I like teas that have aromatic properties that help wake me up. My favorite kind for years has been Ginger Peach black tea. But pick whatever kind of tea just brings a smile to your face.

Marzena Q.
I personally prefer cold matcha tea, since it has caffeine and it has a nice flavor. U can also use chamomile tea, and it also has a calming flavor.

Aviya A.
Every night I’m preparing a bottle of water the alarm for tomorrow and my vitamins and I’m choosing my outfit for the new day.

Kristel P.
I prefer green tea in the morning. It wakes me up slowly as it is not too strong. But I like a good Earl grey once in a while

Ana Y.
The best tea for waking up is Green chai tea. It's better to to drink green tea than black tea because it doesn't give you the caffeine high and low it's milder and it's equally as tasty and has antioxidants as well

Stephanie Y.
I prefer a Yorkshire tea or something similar and maybe a chamomile tea with honey in the evening it’s all down to personal choice though hope this helps

Chels N.
I personally like peppermint tea in the morning – great cleanser for the liver, and sits well in the stomach if unsettled, and gives a minty breath/taste which kinda is a nice way to be refreshed and awake in the morning whilst still enjoying a hot cuppa.

Travis X.
Black tea, it's better for the morning to be energized for this day. It also not only gives you energy, but it prevents lung cancer.

Sithra Q.
A good cup of Mo-tea-vation😁 Green tea is perfect, filled with antioxidants and little caffeine to wake you up. Add some lemon juice to increase the effectiveness of the antioxidants, it tastes wonderful!

Peyton Z.
Personally, I like coffee for waking up. But either an English breakfast or an Earl grey should have enough kick if you're not a coffee drinker. I do think a black tea is better than a white or herbal tea.

Karolina U.
It all depends on what your preference is,if you like milk tea I think you should try out this recipe,ginger,blacktea powder,3cardamom cloves,cinnamon powder,sugar and milk.but if you like water tea then you can try out different flavours ,fruity teas ,when you have them in the morning you are most likely to feel soothed and calm when you have black tea or strong flavours you are most likely to wake up a little more and become ready to get things done.

Alfredo E.
I normally drink English breakfast tea but I recommend drinking green tea because it can help to get through the day with energy

Joann Z.
It depends on your taste, if you like black or milky tea, fruit teas or other teas.

Personally, I find that the best way to wake up in the morning is with a hot cup of Earl Grey with a dash of milk.

If Earl Grey isn’t for you, try English Breakfast or another breakfast tea.

There is enough caffeine to start you well on your morning, but not enough to have a caffeine crash later on in the day as high caffeine drinks like coffee do.

Otherwise, most fruit teas are refreshing and delicious, and are great at any time of day, and green teas are good, too.

Clara Y.
Probably black tea. It has more caffeine in it than other teas so it makes it easier to wake up, not to mention it is really yummy.

Ina Z.
Green tea is a great option when you wake up.

There are many different types of green tea, and some popular kinds of green tea include Matcha (IMO the best), Gunpowder, Sencha, Gyokuro and Dragonwell.

Green tea contains around 25 – 40 mg of caffeine per cup.

Apart from helping you feel awake, there are also various health benefits drinking green tea brings:
– It can help lower your risk of cancer as it is a fantastic source of antioxidants
– It might lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
– It contains compounds that improve brain function, helping to make you smarter and also lowering your risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
– It burns fat, could help you lose weight and improves physical performance.

Johanne X.
Lady Grey is always my favourite for waking up. Not only does it have a fair amount of caffeine, but it also has a nice flavour that makes me smile while I'm waking up

Zoey X.
Green tea or peppermint tea, depending on how you feel. Green tea for a busier day and peppermint tea to relax and soothe the stomach

Tasnim F.
Well. I think that Chia tea is the best for making up. It gives me a lot of energy and good vibes.
PD: If you add it honey it tastes ultra delicious

Tasnim F.
Tea for me is coffee with whey protein any flavor. Its so delicious like im going out yo a cafe with different mixes of drink. I enjoy drinking it and adding different taste to it

Chelsea O.
Any moringa tea. I love herbal, citrus and mint in my morning teas. I don’t drink a lot of black teas but when I do they might make me feel like I’m getting more boost to my morning but I always feel more energized and ready for the day when starting with herbal teas. I like earl grey and gunpowder teas in the afternoon.

Cecil W.
Nuts and banana or eggs and broccoli or turkey sausage and apple. Basically a protein and either a veg or fruit. I'm not following a low carb diet strictly…. I just plan the meal without them and if I find it's necessary to make the meal (mexican/asian) I'll have some. But I believe "incidental" carbs are enough. No meal should be planned around carbs.

No more pasta dinner in a bread bowl with garlic knots, beer, and then a donut for dessert! Hahah.

Hyejin N.
I'm not drinking tea for waking up just one in the afternoon. Lately I drank rose and black tea. So far they're good but we'll see later.

Sarah N.
Personally, I would drink a cup of warm but not boiling black tea, it’s a good drink that contains a good amount of caffeine rather than coffee. If not black tea, green tea helps with memory improvement, and is known for weight loss if mixed with ginger daily. Either one, black or green, is great!

Sibille M.
Green tea or lemon & ginger tea. Green tea has caffeine so it can give a gentle wake-me-up effect. Lemon and ginger tea has that freshness and a bit of spicy zing to perk your senses awake.

Lucille J.
I would say that a black tea such as Earl Grey is the best sort to drink for waking up. However if you don't like the bitterness of a long brewed Earl Grey, you could always look for other options that are black tea such as Vanilla or Forest Fruits or Blackcurrant

T Lio P.
Ok so in my opinion all of them are sooo good in the morning but I would say that if you want to get up and feel refreshed have some iced green tea 😋

Delainy O.
Ceremonial grade matcha ! Mix it with oat milk creamer and it’s like dessert!! Lots of antioxidants and vitamins too. It is my morning routine 🙂

Rosil T.
I find turmeric tea a good awakener. Pukka does a turmeric active tea that doesn’t have caffeine but a fresh zing. Lovely to kick start your day. Or a green tea with mint is also nice to awaken the senses.

Elliot G.
Do not drink green tea on empty stomach as it makes you puke, it happened to me many times. and about the best tea, you'll wake up easier with some bitter tea like green tea. but green tea tulasi flavour is not bitter, I like the taste. its very relaxing to drink it when you start doing work/studying. I always clean table, set up books, wash face, make tea and get ready to study in front of a window for that bright light and open it in the evenings for cool breeze without Sunrays.

T O T.
Eggs in various forms, protein cereal, protein waffles, oats, substitute diary milk for plant based milk, bacon, Avocado slices etc

Enola N.
Some good teas are teas like green tea, chamomile, or chai tea. Those are the teas I like to drink in the morning since they calm me down but also wake me up and taste good. So those I recommend (My favorite's green tea😉).

Toni F.
Personally my favourite tea to drink is green tea as it has many benefits although a good tea for the morning I would vote peppermint tea because it will obviously leave you with fresher breath and it is also know to be anti-viral and anti inflammatory which I find i always wake up in the morning with puffy eye bags.

Veronica Y.
Green🍵 Tea with Tumeric and lemon🍋. But if your a coffee☕ drinker, a Green Tea 🍵Latte with coconut🥥 milk🥛 is my ultimate go-to😍Can't go wrong with GTL🏋🏻‍♀️ to start your morning 🌄😉 If your in a hurry, pour it over ice for the best GTL🍵🏃🏻‍♀️To-Go😁

Luna C.
A black tea like ceylon or english breakfast. It has more caffiene than other teas. When paired with a slice of lemon and honey its a nice vibrant boost to wake up the mind and body.

Alessandra O.
Hm this depends on the person. I think that one of the best teas for waking up is peppermint but that is a little cliche. My personal favorite tea for waking up is this Yogi blend called Sweet Positivity or Sweet Tangerine 🍊 either way, whenever I drink it I feel good, prepared, and it's mostly because citrus just makes me feel so good!

Victor L.
Green Tea is usually what I drink to help me. It has a bunch of benefits on its own but sometimes I’ll have the caffeinated kind if I need an extra boost. If you want to know more about the benefits then google search the benefits of green tea.

Gene J.
Best tea for waking up is something caffeinated that will wake up the senses. I really like black tea with lemon in the mornings or maybe a caffeinated green tea. Some tea, like a ginger tumeric tea, is also pretty good in the mornings

Sindhu E.

S T.
I believe I have finally acquired the habit of a cup of warm water first thing in the morning followed by a black tea, perhaps with some spice in it. I don't have coffee or any food for the first hour of my day because of the Synthroid I must take immediately after my morning water.

Laura C.
A mi me gusta demasiado el té de limón, aunque realmente cualquier tipo de té es bueno para un buen descanso o iniciar tú día

Jesse Z.
Give yourself a fresh start. Who you were yesterday doesn’t determine who you will be today.

Think of it as a speed bump. While it may take longer to get to your goal, you can still get there.

Steffi X.
I love tea! I usually only drink it in the afternoon although I imagine chamomile or English breakfast would be a perfect start to your day!

Paris Z.
Personally, I prefer green teas especially, Twinnings strawberry, cucumber and aloe-vera green tea; it’s lush. I also like regular English breakfast tea but, my favourite hot drink must be a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream.

Joice N.
Any tea which cheers you up and make you look forward to waking up the previous night. Any thing which makes you cheerful

M Lina O.
I think is capuchino tea.It's so light and let you relaxed and have more energy for starting the day as well as you can.

Raphael X.
Green tea is renowned for health benefits ranging from accelerated weight loss to lower blood pressure. Green tea doesn't contain much caffeine, but this beverage provides unique benefits when it comes to energy and alertness.

Johanne X.
The best tea for waking up is in my opinion a Darjeling First Flush that has been infused for 4min at 90C. It has a subtle floral flavour with the good long lasting feel of black tea.

Mia S.
I’d say that green tea or matcha tea would be best for waking up because they energize you or honestly even a turmeric tea also helps to improve digestion and metabolism!

Christian W.
Cornflakes is always the easy way to go but to switch to something else after is always hard work.
Sugar is addictive, most definitely in the morning.
A good replacement is oatmeal but be sure to put a lot of flavor in it, like cinnamon, lots of nuts and maybe raisins.

Alessandra O.
Definitely black tea, eventually with some sugar. It gives you a lot energy for the day probably even better than coffee

Loli B.
The best tea for waking up us one that tastes good, smells good, and makes you feel good. It can be caffeinated or an ‘infusion’ of herbs and leaves that aren’t from the tea plant. Lately I really like a white tea called Pu-Muh-Tan because it brews quickly, <2 minutes, has some caffeine, and a lovely aroma.

Miya U.
Green tea is amazing in the morning although normal tea and milk is a preference. Green tea is really good before bed though 🙂

Steven J.
I think sleep early, if you don't sleep good, you are not able to waking up, so I was sleeping at 20:50 to wake up at the 6:15, my bottle of water was always on my desk and my breakfast is always on my table, so it was the commitment of start with my journey to be a better version of myself

Chris C.
Green tea is my go-to. It gives you some amount of caffeine you can get energy from and also helps you regulate your metabolism.

Efrosini P.
Well I love English tea in the morning with a little bit of milk because it gives me energy also matcha tea is pretty nice for the start of your day . Lastly a if you seek for a fruity type of flavor you can try forest fruit tea.

Rachel B.
I've only tried black and green tea, but I think any kind can keep you awake as long as you like it and unless you put sugar in it.

Sadie P.
Green Tea is the BEST!! I have been having it for over two years now and I am completely addicted!
Some people like to put TONS of sugar or sweetener in it, some like to have it iced – but I just love the simplicity of a hot cup of natural green tea warming my hands and soothing my throat…it’s glorious.

Summer F.
I only ever drink herbal tea… But the best ones I have found are the most flavorful ones. The richer the flavor is, the better. Personally I love peppermint or vanilla in the morning but I have heard green and black teas are good as well.

Tom T.
I personally like green tea as it hydrates your body and energises you. I also just really like the flavour. I find it calming and it sets the tone for the rest of the day. It is also great for your metabolism and weight loss.

Eliyah N.
From your own garden, take some mint, cinnamon stick and honey with zest of limon let them in hot water for at least 10 min do not boil or wait after boiling then add your ingredients for 10’ then drink with gratitude for Mother Nature

Arthur X.
It depends on you, and personally I don't drink tea in the morning, but Mint Tea is the best one to start a day in my opinion.

Suzana A.
I used to drink coffee everyday when I couldn’t wake up properly in the morning but I didn’t like it that much plus it was like a laxative for me then one day I saw my sister drink chai tea and she made for me as well. In my opinion it woke me up better than coffee ever did

Heidi N.
The best tea is which you like the most. You like ist smel, taste or even constitution. It does not matter what people says about peppermint tea. If you like it, drink it in the morning. It will make you full of good emotions and you will start your day in a positive good mood.

Ayesha F.
I don't actually drink a lot of types of tea but i like my morning tea to be milk tea which should be strong obviously
I used to drink a lot of caffeine or coffee for morning
But that you see made a very bad impact on my body and i had to go through a lot
So i stopped coffee and to over come that habit i started drinking tea milk tea
And i think strong milk tea is the best for the starting of ur day cuz i feel energetic drinking strong tea
And that helps me to focus on my daily tasks
And in night i drink greeen tea and that refreshes my body and helps me to sleeep goood

Rudolf Y.
I like to drink green with something fruity like pommegranate in the morning to wake up. For actual energy I'd say maybe ginger?

Sar R.
Lemongrass and ginger is energising, as is green tea and white (these are younger green tea leaves) due to their caffeine content and high antioxidant count

Francine J.
I don’t really drink tea in the morning. Although I do think green tea or camomile tea are really good teas for the morning. Remember to drink while it’s a bit hot, it can wake you up.

Enya N.
The best tea for me, is Yorkshire tea. I mean preferably you want to be drinking a herbal tea right? Well for me anyways, it’s a step away from coffee at the moment and then gradually I will ween myself off Yorkshire tea onto yogi tea. I love the throat chakra tea 😊

Andu G.
I love Ceylon tea or there it's a mix of black ,lichee and rose mix of Canton company's and also a jasmine pearls for lunch or night

Sondra E.
The best tea to wake up to is one that's smooth with slight citrus notes. A green tea with lemon is a great fall back, but I love a good jasmine tea

Michael Q.
I've found black tea to be quite delicious and promote wakefulness. I've been trying a lot of different kinds, but I've still found the more 'generic' ones to be the best, like English Breakfast and earl grey. Tasty!

Christina S.
I enjoyed lots of different caffeinated black teas, like your typical black english breakfast tea or a simple lemon tea. I also really enjoy chai and matcha drinks in the morning.

Isobel R.
White tea is perfect for waking up! It's not too strong but it's still refreshing. Green tea and herbal tea works great too!

Tristan O.
I like earl grey, it's lemon flavored and super refreshing, you can have it iced or hot so I really enjoy it. I also have this really great mango loose leaf tea that tastes like boba and also a little bit like milkshake when you put milk in it. If I had to choose one that is best id say earl grey but its all personal preference tbh, Just a suggestion

Thanks for reading 🍓

Basile A.
Green Tea
One of the most popular teas around, green tea is the perfect beverage to wake you up. With just a splash of caffeine to awaken your body and clear your mind, this drink is the perfect way to jump-start your morning.

Samuel J.
I drink normal tea, with sugar as it will wake you up. Witch I love about however at night I drink a detox tea with honey x

Miss Gabby O.
I think the best tea for waking up is an Earl Grey. 1 it's a black tea so you get a little hit of caffeine to start your day and it has bergamot which is a citrus, so the smell of it gives you a bit of a boost and bergamot also gets your digestive system revved up for the day so No Constipation Around Here 👍🏾

Dorota A.
Black tea has got caffine in it but every drink will give you a boost of energy if you drink it with the right intention

Mk N.
The best tea is the one _you_ like. Caffeine will give your body energy a boost, but is not always necessary. I find that if I am dehydrated, caffeine makes me anxious or jumpy…so I have a glass of water before my “cuppa” and that works better for me.

In S E.
The best tea for waking up is the one my husband brings. Lemon tea gets my day going well: I find I am less hungry, but crave more “ ordinary “ tea later.

Sonia G.
It's a green tea. It's freash and will help for your skin and your health. It will help you to control your sugar intake and you can give a try on different flavours that you may prefer.

Danny N.
To me it is definitely oulong tea which is not so strong like classic green tea and does not dehydrate me like black tea.

Maureen Y.
I'm not sure but, in my experience I can say that I like to drink in the morning a black tea like english breakfast or a darjeeling. Any kind of black tea would be okay!

Sara P.
I would say any sort of green or black tea that has caffeine in it, this will give you a nice perk in the morning to boost your mood, give you energy, and hydrate you all at the same time so you can start your day off right.

Charlie O.
I prefer a nice English breakfast or Earl Grey in the morning. I take it with cream and sugar so it’s creamy and sweet. I don’t get into greens and herbals till later in the day.

Alexander W.
I really like a minted tea without sugar. That’s the perfect tea for waking up because it refreshes my thoughts and wishes for the day.

Ilza Q.
Black tea is a caffeinated booster that you'll need to start your day. For instance Eral Grey could be accompanied with a lemon loaf to bring out the citrus aroma and a bright flavor in the morning. If you prefer something with milk, Chai Tea is a great choice will give you that little extra energy as well thanks to the caffeine content. But if you are looking the healthiest option Green Tea is a natural antioxidant which provides many beneficial health qualities since ancient times.

Sabrina U.
Well I love a good strong cup of tea 🍵 with 2 sugars and not much milk,but everyone is different ,here in Ireland the most popular choice I'd Lyons Gold Blend Tea 🇮🇪

Cassy W.
I tend to like an energise me tea, it is caffeine free, I love a good herbal tea, so pretty much any tea I have in my selection, and I have a lot, is good, I went off them but have gotten back into them thanks to this app and my desire to get back on track to a healthier me ^.^

Hilda O.
No tea, but just hot water. Good to start of the body, stomach for the day ahead and you can always imaginaire any taste you have in mind that morning. For each morning, another taste.

Eman F.
milk tea but our way you put whole milk in a pot boil it then put a tea bag and sugar then dejnk it its really good i had it this way for my whole life

Brean N.
I’m not sure on the best one for waking up, but my favorite tea is raspberry herbal tea. You can drink it warm or iced it’s so good either way! Whatever your feeling!

Deanna Z.
I’m not a tea person tbh. I love coffee. No matter what time it is, I’m always up for a cup of coffee. That first sip is like a hug from your favorite person. I either go for caramel Frappuccino or regular caramel coffee, no sugar added.

Lily O.
I drink earl grey, about 60 degrees Celsius, with two spoons of sugar, but it is the only sugar I eat in a day – in my tea and coffee. This tea wakes me up, refresges my senses, but in a warm and pleasant way.

Hadi Q.
Jeg kan lide nærmest alt the om morgenen, så længe der er mælk i. Men hvis jeg skal vælge en slags så skal det være noget med bær i

Alessandra O.
I didn't know until I had to answer this question. As Iranians we start our day by having black tea next to our breakfast, and I think it works quite alright. But if you have sleep problems it might still not work for you, because I am someone who gets enough sleep since I was a kid. So the internet says green tea, you can start by green tea and then if it didn't work try black tea as well. And by the way you can solve sugar into your tea we call it 'sweet tea' it is so pleasant to drink. Have a great time!

Tanja A.
Green tea really gives me energy, but its up to you. The best one is your fav one. The tea you like the most is the best one you can drink- cause it's the one that gives you a good feeling, and this is what tea should do.

Sammy S.
i recently bought passionfruit green tea, and it has quickly become my all time favorite tea to drink. i drink it morning and night, and i will even get cravings for it in the middle of the day. it’s so good i definitely recommend you try it!!

Holly Z.
For me, I enjoy a green tea or a peppermint tea when I wake up in the morning. Both are very healthy and they often wake me up and kickstart my day.

Hadi Q.
when waking up i like to drink green tea. It doesn’t have much caffeine to make you jittery but just enough to boost your energy. Also green tea helps with weight loss and boosts your immune system.

Billie U.
Earl grey with a slice of lemon is the best in my opinion. If caffeine free, just dry butterfly pea and lavender blend is a great combo.

Alessandra O.
Things to avoid for breakfast is really anything you don’t like!! I think all breakfasts are healthy in moderation. As long as you’re eating and fueling the body honestly anything is great. For good quick breakfasts I recommend smoothies (made the night before if time is limited), overnight oats, toasts, boiled eggs.

Laurel X.
If you want caffeine, Earl Grey is gentle and not too strong, the ideal tea to me requires no milk or sugar. If no caffeine, rooibos or peppermint

Angel F.
The best tea for waking up is Green tea. Just add hot water and tea bag of green tea to start your day and it good for your body. 🙂

Stela N.
I think green tea is really helpful for waking up but I personally like mango, banana and apple tea. It’s really good and smells so nice. Give it a try 😉

Ai P.
I think ginger tea is the best to drink when just waking up it gives you a Russian feeling through your throat and your spine

Karma C.
Earl gray. It has the best flavour and a fair amount of caffeine, plus London fog is my favorite comfort drink, besides warm strawberry milk

Francine J.
The best tea for waking up is most definitely green tea it always refreshes me in the mornings and I’m refreshed online classes and basketball practice

Clayton E.
English breakfast is my favourite type of tea to drink because it’s got nice flavour and helps me to relax in the morning

Heather P.
I like to start my mornings with either ashwagandha tea or refreshing peppermint tea. I don’t like caffeine so this works fine for me!

Elias Joe P.
What are the most popular tea is around green tea is the perfect beverage to wake you up with just a splash of caffeine to awaken your body and clear your mind this drink is the perfect way to jump start her morning it doesn't hurt that it's chock-full of nutritional benefits as well as being extremely delicious

Martha W.
I occasionally have Indian tea to wake me up because my Mum makes it daily in the morning. It has the right amount of sweetness, and the warmth is refreshing.

Perry T.
I like to drink herbal and mint green tea in the morning. It makes me feel good and invigorated. I m then available to focus and work

Anne E.
I don't like any type of tea, but my go to drink is usually water. I sometimes drink coffee but I stopped a week ago because its getting addictive and it hurts my stomach now

Tiffany U.
I enjoy an English Breakfast, but I have this mid morning. I love a coffee, fresh off the stove to help contemplate the day ahead

Francine J.
It depends on your taste buds, but my preference is jasmine tea. Most of my mornings I make Hong Kong milk tea (Ceylon) instead since it's my favorite tea to drink. However, on days I may need a little more energy or a stronger pick-me-up, I turn to Jasmine tea. Jasmine tea's caffeine strength is stronger than most teas, so I usually turn to it when I need more energy, almost like coffee. (I'm also extremely sensitive to caffeine, so I know Jasmine will keep me up).

Lianne J.
Depends on what you mean by exercise and a person’s goals. If you mean a gym session, then yes, unless the person is an elite athlete. However, if a person is sedentary the rest of the day after that gym session, run, or walk, then no.

Max A.
I personally enjoy mint tea for every time of the day! I used to think tea was kinda hard to enjoy, but now I drink it all the time because I gave myself time to search for my favorite kind!

Heather E.
I have a few favorites. If I wake up
I’m the wrong side of the bed and just need a pick me upper I love a good chamomile vanilla tea. Makes you feel relaxed and all warm inside. I do enjoy a peppermint tea or a ginger mixed with peach and turmeric. If you’re on a path of detox green tea is good. If you are a big time tea drinker a Moroccan mint tea is amazing

Kevin P.
Green tea and peppermint is good too I like peppermint for mornings but green tea has lots of health Ben if it’s it really helps when I’m bloated

Abigail X.
I would recommend green tea. It boosts your energy and focus. Green tea is reowned for helf benefits ranging from accelerating weight loss to lower blood pressure.

Chantal O.
Masala chai with black tea and extra cardamom, ginger and pepper! Harvey and sons makes the best Indian style masala chai.

N Ria Q.
For me personally it is the green tea or the black tea. I would like to replace coffee with them in the near future because they feel less "aggressive" in their effects.

Veronica J.
Green Tea
Green Tea
One of the most popular teas around, green tea is the perfect beverage to wake you up. With just a splash of caffeine to awaken your body and clear your mind, this drink is the perfect way to jump-start your morning.

Francine J.
Im not a tea-drinking, and for some reason my body would be sleepier if i consume something that include caffeine which is i dont drink tea😪

Bethany N.
The best tea for waking up is the one you really like, so you look forward to it. Also a black tea with higher caffeine like earl gray or English breakfest tea, is also good.

Lois U.
Black tea (can be flavored or just black) is usually the best for waking up because it contains caffeine, I would also recommend green tea, which boosts your metabolism 🙂

Jes S.
I love an Earl Grey in the morning! The burst of bergamot is so refreshing and yet has depth. I love The Republic of Tea “Earl Greyer”.

Alessandra O.
For me, the best tea for the morning is black tea. Its stronge like coffee without the bitter taste..Black tea can't get you going and it doesn't give you that heart pounding out of your chest feel…😳 I enjoy my little cup of Black tea in the morning…its not just a get up and go drink its a time for myself moment before I start my day…just try it…promise you will enjoy it and the pulse side its Healthy for you….

Julia J.
I would problaly say like green tea, and if you would like to you can add some dried cinnamon or a drop of lime in it. You’ll definitely wake up! 🙂

Ricardo O.
I enjoy herbal mix with some honey, but my everyday go to tea is camomile tea. My voice is usually broken down in the morning and camomile tea makes my throat feel best.

Mia Y.
I like a caffeinated black tea like English breakfast or earl grey to wake up. It has just enough kick to get you going without the bitterness of coffee

Tabs W.
A classic tea containing caffeine is best to wake you up! Using Redbush tea is best for the evening as it doesn’t contain caffeine and means you can enjoy the taste also with a good nights sleep!

Carla C.
Peppermint is a nice uplifting herb and add a little Elder Flower which is sweet and Hibiscus which is sweet and has a high level of Vitamin C.

Lucas X.
A green or black tea is best when you wake up it refreshes your mind and allows you to be energized all the day. and your digest system would be cleaned all through the way and the both teas are healthier in their own ways! you can take one of them once in the morning everyday. hope this helped 🙂

Mille C.
Black tea – specifically Earl Grey for me, purely because it has the perfect mix of caffeine and a slight floral smell to wake you up.

Paulo N.
Not really sure but I like this green tea kombucha tea it has passion fruit in there too and I add honey and a very small amount of lemon juice and I think it’s enjoyable

Landon O.
This depends on your own preferences, if you like sweet teas I'd say a black tea like chai or Earl grey, these teas also have caffeine to get you going, but if you like fruity teas then I'd go for a green tea, and white teas tend to be more earthy in taste. When in doubt, try something new!

Liliana H.
In my opinion, the best tea to wake up is black tea. Its the smell and flavour that wake you up, you feel like a noble. A cup of black tea in the morning, chef's kiss.

Molly C.
This depends on your own tastes. I like chai or Earl Grey tea because I prefer black teas. Black teas also tend to have the most caffeine, but that depends on a lot of factors so the best way to learn the best tea for waking up is to experiment with different types and finding out which ones work and taste better to you. Many tea and spice shops will be able to help direct you to a good starting point with some simple questions.

Marie C.
Chamomile can wake you up easily and make you start your day refreshed. Also, it hasn't caffeine and it is good for your organism.