How can I bring myself to love black tea?

Alex N.
Just drink it for a long time will work. You can add something to make it more interesting , for example: ice, lemon, milk or whatever you like.
Tay N.
I used to not like black tea, but I add sugar, and honey to my liking. Some people even add half and half to theirs !!
There is also some herb mixes with black tea and other herb items that make it more sweet or spicy depending which you prefer more.
Also breakfast cookies and black tea are amazing together !!!
Geneva F.
This might upset some people, but start with cream and/or sugar or a flavoring, then gradually wean yourself off. Also, lots of natural flavored teas are good for this too.
Cziko S.
You can start by drinking it with a sweetener of your choice. I would start using honey first, gradually you could even put less and less honey or sweetener and do believe you could get use to drinking it without any sweetener.
Tyesha J.
There are different kinds of black tea! Try a fun black tea experiment where you try 3-5 teas (black) and try them all with sugar and honey- Hopefully you’ll find the one you love!!
Grace N.
Enjoy and appreciate the healing qualities of black tea, and visualize the warmth traveling through your body comforting and healing every wound.
Kent J.
You could try it with some lemon drops in it, or a slice. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a sweeter taste, try to put some sugar in it (perhaps a couple of teaspoons) or some honey. Good luck!
Ella N.
Make it sweet if you like sweet tea, also try different alternatives to sugar such as honey or different syrups that add flavour to the tea.
Mia N.
I have never had black tea before but by the name I can assume that it is very strong and bitter which is not how I like my tea I like mine with lots of milk and sugar so to make me like black tea I would add milk and sugar
Antonius F.
I think you should try it with milk and sugar. But if you don't like black tee you should not force yourself to like that. 🙂
Raghda U.
Always remind yourself about it's benefits.
Add a little amount of sugar or honey with a slice of lemon, this will give it a great taste.
Another way to do it is to boil it with cinnamon. You can't resist the sweet smell.
Janie X.
Honestly I think it's an aquired taste… Personally I love black tea but not everyone likes bitter flavors. Maybe try different kinds of black tea and see what works for you, or try adding healthy sweeteners to it👍
Almirodo Q.
First, make sure that you put the black tea in boiling water. Then only leave the tea for 4 minutes (This helps eliminate some of the bitterness associated with black tea).
You can add some sweetener (like honey, brown sugar, chocolate) and some sort of creamer and milk if desired.
You could get some fancy drink, like Chai or boba tea to start with, or add it to your baking to get uses to it.
There are different flavors of black tea to try out as well.
Though, you don't have to force yourself to like black tea.
Bahar N.
Apart from water, tea is one of the most consumed beverages around the world, which is obtained from the Camellia sinensis plant. This tea has a very good appetite and contains more caffeine than other teas, but it has less caffeine than coffee. Black tea contains antioxidants, it is also effective in reducing inflammation in the body.and it’s useful for promote heart health
Theresia T.
In my humble opinion, you either like black tea or you don't. I didn't mean that u shouldn't try it cause their are many types of ways to enjoy a black tea for example: black tea with milk, honey, warm or cold with ice and so on.