What’s your fav tea?

Amaury E.
Depending on my mood, if I’m feeling relaxed I will have a white tea. I start my morning with an energiser tea, something citrusy. Once or twice a week before bed I have a green tea and most nights I drink a sleep tea that contains chamomile.
Demi A.
My favourite tea is rose tea, because you put in actual dried roses and it gives the water a beautiful colour. And it smells and tastes great!
Eleanor P.
English/Irish Breakfast Tea! I drink it in the morning to give me a boost to start my day. It's less aggressive than coffee so I don't have a caffeine dependancy.
Melly Z.
Best and worst question to ask a tea lover like me lol. I don't think I can pick just one, but I absolutely prefer loose leaf tea over bagged tea anyday. The flavour comes thru much more, the quality is better, and there's virtually limitless options to choose from.
Silja J.
I could never limit myself to just one! Chamomile for nighttime. Senna for when you feel bloated. Green Tea, instead of coffee. And rose….for when I feel fancy.