Do you drink hot or iced tea for this habit? Also, do you drink herbal or caffeinated tea?

Humaira T.
I drink hot tea because it makes me conscious and activated, Cafine tastes better when it is hot. Hot tea make itself different from other baverages and it is unique so i like it
Mathilde X.
I drink hot tea as it aids digestion. I'm not opposed to caffeinated tea but I tend to save the caffeine for my morning coffee. I drink herbal tea for its variety. I try to do ginger at least once a day (again, for digestion) or licorice or peppermint. I tend toward vanilla and/or chamomile in the evening for winding down.
B R Nice W.
I drink hot tea. I avoid herbal teas at the moment as it is hard to know which ones are safe in pregnancy but want to switch later on.
Helen P.
I love the taste of coffee but I realised that the caffeine increased my anxiety so I’ve switched to decaf and I avoid black tea. Roiboos and green tea are my favorites now.
Sharon P.
I mostly drink hot black tea, although I do enjoy green teas and herbal tea. The habit to drink tea is currently being used to replace my pop drinking habit. So once the change becomes more fixed then I’ll look at switching my
black tea for less caffeinated variations
Erica F.
For this evening routine habit, I drink warm tea to sooth and relax me for bed. If I have a batch of moon water handy, I will use that for even more soothing power. My favorite now is Sleepy Time Peach with some honey, but I plan on and look forward to expanding my options with soothing tea. At night I would stick with herbal tea, never caffeinated.