What tea do you usually drink?

Gris N.
I usually drink emperor’s white tea from the brand republic of tea. I do so because it’s quick, as the steeping time shouldn’t exceed 60 seconds and B is already in a bag for me. When I really want to have a slow morning I reach for Jazmin Pearls green loose leaf tea since it takes up 7 mins to steep.
Alix O.
PG Tips during the day, and chamomile before bed. Sometimes I'll switch things up with some Assam, or Spiced or Rooibos if I want to avoid caffeine!
Lisa N.
I had never eaten breakfast before until Fabulous . As I’m Gluten free I bought a large GF porridge and a bag of dried fruits . I also made sure I had GF bread in freezer and eggs . On really busy days I’ve take a GF muesli bar instead .
Sharon Z.
I drink about for different teas a day. I start with the strong Irish breakfast blend, then I move to prince wales blend which is more mild. In the afternoon I have ginger probiotic yes, and finish my day with chamomile to bring in the relaxation for sleep.
Kimberly S.
It depends on the time of day. In the morning I drink English or Irish Breakfast. In the afternoon Earl Grey or lady Grey, and usually a cup of chai. In the evening I switch to an herbal blend with chamomile, or decaf green tea.
Michelle J.
Peppermint and green tea. I like the mild refreshing taste, and as I have a sensitive stomach, it helps me fell less bloated and calms irritation.