How do you continuously drink tea? Or how do you tell yourself to?

Danni N.
Make it a “cue”. When it’s time to work, make a cup of tea. When it’s time to relax, make a different type of tea. You can learn to associate drinking tea with performing tasks. Do that for a week and it will become a habit.
Jen F.
I've always been a tea drinker, so this is nothing new to me. I like more interesting, flavorful teas so I choose teas that have combinations of tea, flowers, and herbs/spices. I prefer loose teas, but I will use prepackaged tea bags for convenience.
Sylvia I.
In the first place, I like drinking tea. And it feels good when boiled water is poured into the teacup. The sound of water makes me feel content. The color is pretty. If I boil loose leaf directly then pour the tea out, instead of pouring boiling water on a teabag, it’s another satisfying scene. Anyways I’d say frame of mind is important. Try to enjoy if you don’t already like it naturally. Try to notice how something is or feels without pre-judgement, especially when it’s a negative one.
Kyle O.
First off, get a tea pot and pick a mug: those are now your best friends.
Second off, get good quality tea off amazon or from a nice local shop.
Make yourself a pot of *real* tea, feel the difference it makes to your physical and mental state.
Now ask yourself why you would ever not do that.
Get yourself brazillian green tea, egyptian chamomile, and tulsi holy basil. These are essential in my opinion.

Green tea for the first pot, holy basil for the 2nd, chamomile for the 3rd. Thats tea for a day 👌

The convenience of it and the difference made by drinking high quality tea will make you an addict 😅