Is there a favourite type of tea you like to drink for certain times of the Day? (Morning, afternoon, evening)

Meemo N.
my favorite tea for the morning would be matcha but I usually drink coffee. in the afternoon I drink chai tea( black tea with agave nectar to sweeten and milk) this is occasional. I don’t drink tea every day. If I want to relax I would drink jasmine or mint green tea. If I want to drink tea before bed to help me relax I would drink a blend of chamomile and lavender. There’s so many unique types of tea just try different ones to see which one you like the best. Also doing research about the benefits of different types of tea will help to know when is a good time for the specific tea.
L Rke A.
I like green tea. Everytime. Black tea seems too bitter for me. And fruit tea is no fun for me, it's sour. But, I can drink them all.