What is the reason you love tea?

Harriet U.
It's full of antioxidants so good for for as well as being refreshing. I make a big pot of either green tea or Earl Grey with milk after my breakfast every day. A little something delicious & healthy β˜•
Alex B.
I love tea because it's refreshing and comforting, at once. I drink mine with milk, no sugar, so it also helps me to stay on my calorie plan without feeling hungry during the day. It's also relatively inexpensive to make, so I think it's an all-round win!
Jana 145 N.
Its relaxing and way healthier than beverages and othe drinks , it really good to drink in winter cause it maje you warm and their are diff types of tea , lavender, jasmine , green , red, black tea etc . Plus its easy to make just hot water , tea bag or tea stash and their you have it 😊
Evan E.
It’s yummy and fragrant and calming. The flavors and smells and colors are all so different and nice. Also the caffeine gives you a nice mental and energetic boost without the anxiety heart attack of coffee πŸ™‚
Abby Y.
I love tea because it gives me energy when I am sleepy. I love it with honey and lemon and it makes me fell warm. When I put vinegar in it it always helps my sore throat and it feels better.
Carlos Y.
Tea wakes me up without making me feel jittery and anxious like coffee does. I love the benefits to health different teas have, and it's a wonderful way to stay hydrated. I love the ritual of picking which tea I want, using my kettle, packing a tea bag, picking what honey I want to use…it's very calming.