What are some of your favorite teas? I like to try different types.

Julie I.
French vanilla decaf tea is my current favorite. As well as a ginger turmeric tea. Honey lavender by Yogi tea is another favorite for a night time. Decaf green tea kombucha. Decaf spiced chai by Bigelow Tea.

I really like tea! I only drink decaf and herbal varieties, as I cannot have caffeine.

Joshua Y.
My personal favorites are buttermint, pure peppermint, and Irish breakfast from a company called Twinnings. There's another company that has some delicious desert flavored teas that are naturally sweet with out any sugar like blueberry Bundt called The Republic of Tea that has on online store I 100% recommend.
Ricardo N.
I think it depends of the situation. Generally I drink black tea, the best one in my option is loose tea from Russia or Gruzia (but bagged tea is quicker) . In the summer I drink herbal tea or mix with fresh ginger and mint.

Hope it helped,

Adriyana F.
If you are in the UK, try anything from Teapigs – absolutely love them! If not – i like lemongrass, anything fruity and apple cinamon combo is amazing ✌
Tina G.
I like lots of teas, the ones we have at home most often are peppermint, mint, lemon/ginger, chamomile, cinnamon/fruit, and one called Wake Up! (which is better for going to sleep actually) and one time at some sort of church gathering, I tried an apple cinnamon tea that was delicious.
Jana E.
Ant tea with lemon or lime. For instance: lemongrass tea. I also love the “typical” ones: earl grey or english breakfast, BUT of a good brand, generally expensive.