How should tea be prepared to maximize its benefits?

Petula Y.
I think the main thing to keep in mind when preparing tea is to let it steep for the appropriate amount of time. Most tea that's already bagged should be steeped for 5 minutes. You'll find (after you have tried various kinds) that you may prefer tea lighter or darker in color/flavor. Keep in mind that tea steeped too long may become bitter.
Nils T.
The right temperature and taking a moment to enjoy it. Being educated on the benefits of different herbal teas and lowering caffeinated tea intake during the evening.
Micha Q.
It depends on which tea you drink. If it is loose tea, it's best you take 80°C water instead of 100°C. But the tea from teabags usually have a guideline on the boxes on how to best prepare it.
Rhiannon P.
I think tea should be steeped for at least 5 minutes for all of the flavours to come out and for the tea to reach its maximum potential.
J P.
I believe there's plenty of good ways to prepare tea. For example, I always make sure to use filtered (purified) water for boiling. Then, I steep the tea bag or loose leaf tea for the amount of time recommended the specific tea I'm making. It's a whole different discussion on its own, but some people believe loose leaf tea is more flavorful and nutrient rich than bagged teas. Then sometimes I sweeten it with a bit of honey or a light maple syrup. Usually I add a bit, stir it in, and taste it until I hit the perfect level of sweetness for me. Most of the time I add a splash of almond milk or some other plant based milk. Dairy milk makes you all full of mucus and gives some people digestive upset. It's best to just opt for a plant based alternative as there are so many benefits. Or just have your tea black. It's easier to absorb the beneficial properties of the tea without adding in something a lot of people have a hard time digesting.
Abby S.
well I think that if your having a sweet tea for example a berry tea you should mix it with green tea or a detox tea and then you know you are getting benefit from it but there will still be a yummy taste
Angelica Y.
There are many different ways to enjoy the benefits of tea! I choose my method based on time available to me. Anything that you steep yourself with fresh spices and fruit etc. Is going to be more potent but also a little more time consuming in acquiring ingredients, preparation and clean up. I use a stainless steel basket or reusable tea bags when preparing a loose tea. I also have on hand commercially prepared tea bags for those moments when I don’t have the time to create my own potion! In the summer I create my own flavoured cold teas by allowing the ingredients to sit in the water in the fridge over night. This is a delicious and nutrient dense alternative to sugary fruit juices or soda.
Julie I.
I've heard you should not use the microwave with you tea bag already in the cup… Because it kills some of the beneficial properties of the tea.