How much tea is consumable throughout the day. And which tea is preferable?

Jazz P.
Hi there!
I personally love to drink tea twice a day or more during the colder seasons!
I drink tea in the morning when I first wake up; to prepare my stomach for it's first meal of the day. I drink a "morning detox" tea by Storm & India. Then I love to assist my gastrointestinal functionality throughout the day (especially when it is cold) with a turmeric, matcha or "three mint" tea which I keep in my handy insulated water bottle everywhere I go! Lastly I love finishing my evening off with a cup of tea after dinner which is usually a nourishing "sleepy" tea by Pukka.
I hope this helps!

Marcus C.
I drink only a cup of tea, and I do it before sleeping for better relaxation and clearness of thoughts. It is very helpful to me and it makes me that I am in commitment with myself. I like every flavor of tea, but wha really appreciate, is that drinking it makes me very happy and realized satisfactorily.