Are there any tea’s you avoid at certain times?

Arnfried W.
no nog really, it depends on my mood. i can drink earl grey for days on end and suddenly switch to honeybush … it's where my taste leads me
Edgar V.
Creo que el único problema que tengo de tomar tés fuera de horario es la preparación , pero en la oficina debería de poder tomarlo ya que tengo todo peor casi no lo uso .
Fanatical G.
Not really. But I prefer to drink green tea – especially on the morning when I have enough time. In the afternoon I usually drink fruit teas when I have some. In the evening I don't really drink tea, but when it's really cold and I want one, then I go and take the green one.

I don't really drink black teas, because they are too bitter for me, but I'd like to find one, that would suit just for me 🙂