Is it ok to put sugar in my tea? (Black tea with milk)

Christine G.
I'd answer your question with another question: Is tea with milk and sugar one of your very favorite things, a moment in your day that you enjoy fully? Then yes, go for it! Or, do you just want to add sugar to cut the bitterness of the tea a bit? If that's the case, I'd say try other options for a change – first switch to a little honey instead, since honey has healthy qualities and is lower on the glycemic index than white sugar (it won't make you crash as fast as sugar). Gradually decrease it until you find yourself liking plain tea with milk just fine. Another way to look at it: If you are mindful of the rest of your diet, and try to buy/eat foods with less added sugars, then go ahead and enjoy a little sweetness in your tea! The main thing is to be mindful of how much added sugar we really have in our diet. It hides in spaghetti sauce and rotisserie chicken and who knows what else. The less plain sugar we eat, the happier our bodies are! But tea is a wonderful thing to bless our day; so if it means cutting sugars elsewhere so we can enjoy it in our favorite things, that's good for the soul as well as the body. Cheers!
Sofia U.
I prefer to don’t put sugar in my tea, because it changes the tea taste. And tea is already an energy drink. You can have a cake with it, or biscuits
Waldemar F.
Tea with milk or a coffe are the only drinks where I put sugar in. If you drink pure tea, its better to drink it sugar-free. It completely changes the tea flavour and makes every tea taste similar or same, so try to get rid of that!
Berend T.
Use honey instead. Even though it's a bit more calories, honey is better for you and has many health benefits. Try putting it in coffee too.
Fatma F.
It’s okay not to add sugar and I almost sugar free in all my drinks
But from time to time I feel like I need some sugar on
Celina P.
I think its important not to be hard on oneself, and it can be very difficult to just go cold turkey. Perhaps only have sugar in the morning, not in the evening. Or switch to organic honey.
Armani O.
Better if you don’t, but I don’t think a little pinch will hurt, especially if that little pinch will determine if you can drink it or not.