Do you drink tea alone or with cake, cookies or something?

Matthew Z.
I drink tea alone. I use it as a time to sit with my pets and cuddle, the whole experience just relaxes me fully and by petting my cat & dog, my attention is taken away from the desire to snack.

Amy N.
Here's the thing; I don't really like tea. But I found an orange one that is tolerable. I like this one if it's hot or room temperature or anywhere in between. And since it's orange it is fine on it's own; no added sugar or cream (sometimes a squeeze of fresh orange to make it fancy!). I tend to pour my tea right when I'm about to start cleaning the kitchen after dinner; in the largest mug I have.. and that mug is the last thing I clean, often just chugging the tea. There is no space for cake or cookies. But I'd be lying if I didn't eat that stuff daily -just not with my tea!