Camomile or Valerian

Aquilino Q.
Camomile mainly because I've never had or even heard of valerian, althiyght it does sound very fancy! I'll be sure to try it out if I come across it 🙂

Rusara W.
I am choosing camomile, as it’s the most common herbal infusion plant 🌱 that I use on daily basis for my cramps and to calm me down. And also love the camomile flower as it’s a type of daisy which is little and pretty. I love the taste of camomile which also aid to substitute the sugar cravings in a healthier way.

Benjamin W.
I have noticed that camomile soothes me mentally, while valerian gives me an actual physical reaction, as if i took an anxiety pill or something similar. If you buy valerian in an extract form, you will notice quite a powerful effect but that’s not always so good. I have noticed stronger sleep but very restless as if it was artificial. So, try out both and see what works for you. On a side note, it’s good to know that chamomile tea with sugar is a gentle diarrhetic.

Josefine C.
Hi! I prefer camomile because it helps me get calmer and i also like the taste better. Idk about the benefits of the other tea but drink what you most enjoy! But for me camomile all the way 🙂