What kind of tea helps you?

Venness O.
Depends on the time of day. In the morning, I like to start off with something caffeinated; green tea, red tea, Earl Grey, English breakfast, chai. When it becomes evening, then herbals teas rule over; camomile, peppermint, chrysanthemum, ect.

Mariella Z.
There is a tea for every mood!

If I need energising, I always go for something with a hit of ginger or lemongrass.

If I need soothing, chamomile or fennel.

Mint, fennel, lemon, ginger are all fantastic for digestion.

Dandelion is great for a detox but I’d make sure it’s mixed with something as it can be a bit bitter. Honey is a fantastic natural sweetener.

Definitely play with herbs and spices and find your mood mix. Hibiscus is a lovely ingredient to start with as it’s strong without needing too much and also has an absolute ton of health benefits including lowering blood pressure and cortisol levels 💚