Do you drink different types of tea on different times of the day/different seasons?

Hella J.
I like to try many different tea flavours but I usually have the original teabag, on rare occasions the natural made Indian tea and for any cold weathers hot chocolate works purrfectly for me.
Quentin Y.
Depends on the season. In winter maybe I drink any kind of tea, i loved them. In spring/summer I prefer more like lemon or lime teas, or other fruits. and when I feel more than satisfied I drink herb teas.
Deb U.
I have regular black tea in the morning and decaf in the afternoon and evening. I drink many flavors all throughout the year.
Brenda Q.
Yes. For one there is tea with caffeine and some without. Save the caffeinated tea for the mornings and switch to herbal in the afternoon, also so tea is especially good at helping you sleep. I drink chanomile an hour before bed
Jasmine G.
I drink apple cider vinegar, hot water and green tea with ginger (sprinkle of cinnamon and tumeric) in the morning to kick start my metabolism and keep hunger at bay for a little while. Then in the evening, I have caffeine free rooibos tea (spiced orange flavour or Danish pastry flavour from norway!) Or a caffeine free camomile and manuka honey tea before bed!