What’s your favourite tea?

Anamika O.
I love every type of tea..i like to drink black tea in the morning..and i also like to drink milk at the evening..and i also like green tea after exercise so there is no specific favourite tea for me..
Afonso P.
in the morning maybe green tea, to substitute coffee, and before bed i prefer a camomile or “calm night” infusions to get in a cozy sleepy mood
Marie P.
I have two favourite teas that I alternate: lemon green tea and sensual green tea. The first is fresh and a little sweet, for hard mornings, the latter tastes green and marine, great for energising already good mornings
Aim Y.
I like black tea. I'm okay whether it's Gilan Tea, or just normal tea. I like it with cake or cookie, but i can drink it without any complement
Malika E.
i don't have a lot of choices actually giving the fact that no one rly pays attention to tea in my city but I think my fav one would be black tea with citrus fruits and mint :p but for now it's just plain black tea
Archisha F.
It’s the evergreen -green tea
How ever at times I like to switch things up ans make my own concoctions like a ginger tea.
Lola Z.
Mitt favorit te är blåbär skulle jag säga. Jag gillar inte supermycket grönt te men dricker det mest för min hälsa och min vikt.
Adriana Q.
It depends on my mood. When I need a boost of energy, I prefer black tea. If I need to do detox, I drink some green tea. Before bed, I usually have herbal tea or Oolong tea. I choose my infusion very carefully, in order to make my cup of tea just right for the moment.
Ingridt Q.
I really enjoy Tetley herbal Peach Tea with Ginger. The peach flavour is prominent and there is just a hint of ginger. It’s very soothing and has an almost calming effect. I highly recommend you try it. 💜🦋
Ross N.
My favourite tea is Yorkshire Tea, it reminds me of when I was younger and living abroad, and gives me a little lift in the morning.
Sharelle X.
Matcha green tea is my staple. If I'm at a coffee shop but don't want coffee, I'll get a chai. If I want something a little sweet, I'll grab a bubble tea.
Jennie X.
I like green tea and the tea that has many herbs inside, cuz it makes me feel good when I drink, it improves the digestion especially when I have constipation