what kind of stories that i have to write? can i write about my hope in the future?

Briana A.
What kind of stories do I have to write?

I think my story is one of resilience. But I hadn’t realized that I was resilient until recently, I hadn’t given myself the credit I was due.

Am I hopeful for the future?

Yes. But more than that I’m trying to savor and live through the present. The future is right now and the past was 2 minutes ago. So, though my hope fluctuates it’s always there. In a year from now things will be different for me and my goals will be fulfilled. Something tells me that they will have changed and evolved just like me. So yes I’m hopeful. But I try not out too much of that hope in the future I try to put it in me right now. Today.

Bernd U.
Story can be experience from the past something that what we can learn and also what we grateful for today. Of course we are also note what you hope for tomorrow
Natalie Q.
Surely you can.
I believe hope is a good topic to start — if you have strong passion to hope on something, life will push you to be in that moment — it is simply like the power of the universe in the Secret. While you're writing down your mind, it creates some sort of relaxation and focus. Until you are realised, your mind absorbs that power and lead into the reality.