What is your exercise routine and how long is it?

Angel N.
So every morning i wake up at 08:00 AM in the morning because i am sick cancer and im in the hospital i can’t go to the gym anymore so im doing some yoga and i have a 30 days sport app there you can exercise i exercise 1 hour and before i go sleep i exercise a little bit tho:)
❝ erιcα ❞ R.
I do my exercise routine in the afternoon whit lillysabri’s video on you tube, I usually do booty workout, abs workout and hip dips workout ♡
its during 40 minutes
Cl O I.
If the weather is OK then I would go out for a 8 minute walk/run but otherwise I would just stretch my bones while doing other things
Eric O.
First thing in the morning, I do ten minutes of yoga and then get ready for the day. If I'm working, I'll walk to work which is half an hour.
Hanim R.
Yoga. Sun salutation. I don’t time. 2 rounds of the basic one. And another 2 rounds of the one with warrior pose etc. Enough to give me sweat and sore muscle. I will progress once this routine becomes too easy or boring. Just respecting my body by listening to it..