What is a good substitute for bacon? Is it even possible? If not, I might just moderate my consumption 🤔

Tristan F.
I personally like morningstar veggie bacon. It doesn’t taste like bacon but I like the crunch. Benevolent Bacon is good, it taste more like jerky than bacon though but still good. Or morningstar breakfast sausages are good too.
James E.
First, I'd say moderate consumption by finding other foods you like. Try Turkey sausage. I don’t eat bacon hardly, though I like it. I try food combos of my own. I use BBQ sauce on a scrambled egg sandwich- totally new and I like it. Sometimes I have a small dinner for breakfast, like a burrito just not very spicy. I’ve learned that good coffee and protein is what makes my body feel good in the A.M.
Good luck to you for all 2020 !
Jon Z.
I've never found actual substitution to work. If you want to still have eggs the same way try to take something completely different with them: I love avocado and some properly fried mushrooms to be the best.
Barbiere P.
Bacon is salty and fatty, so cheese with some salt on it? Also just replacing the bacon with a little bit of seasoning should be enough.
Amber N.
This might sound silly, but google and watch “Adam Ruins Everything bacon episode.” After stumbling on that episode (I love the show) and learning more about the politics behind bacon (because who knew that was a thing?!), it really shed a new light on it for me. Now it’s not so hard to pass up bacon.
Leandra N.
Depends on the purpose of the bacon! Are you wanting bacon strips or crumbled bacon? Are you wanting crunch or a salted fat flavor? I use turkey bacon or fake bacon for health reasons.
Milica O.
Turkey bacon is a healthier choice. It isn’t quite the same as real bacon, but it’s not bad. I think that everything in moderation is ok, so if you eat bacon regularly, maybe try turkey bacon most days, and then have real bacon on Saturday or Sunday as a treat.
Halina J.
I’ve been a vegetarian for 30 years now, but several years back I decided to add bacon to my diet because there really aren’t any good substitutes. And some things in life are worth enjoying every now and then.

That said, the closest I came was a recipe for “frizzled shiitakes”. Sliced thin, tossed with salt and oil, then baked until they become crispy.

Courtney P.
I don't eat bacon very much. I'm thing it could be substitute by others meal. But sometime it is good taste. I will not stop permanently. But lower down consumption.

Life is for enjoy not for suffer.

Ralph G.
Any food that wasn't a conscient life one day is a good substitute for bacon. It is not question of substitute, but think about life without murdering. Nature gives us in a vast way with vegetables and fruits, seeds, everything.
Willie P.
10 Tasty and Healthy Alternatives to Bacon
Peanut butter. …
Avocado. …
Sun-dried tomatoes. …
Pressed baked tofu. …
Seitan. …
Tempeh. …
Mushrooms. …
Fried shallots.
Balthasar X.
I have never found anything they would taste any similar. But – you could just substitute it with more eggs, if it's the nutritional value and not the flavour you're after. Or beans. Or a veggie sausage – just not the vegetable kind but rather the "almost meat-like". I struggled with this for a long time and just had to give up bacon altogether since my husband's vegetarian.
Marlene E.
Bacon is high in fats. I will suggest chicken bacon, like those subway served. Else can consider chicken breast or thigh meat. I personally drink 100% whey protein.
Marto S.
Ha well I am not a fan of 🥓 people who knows it are surprised that how could someone doest like bacon lol
Egg is a prefect substitute for me
Danielle J.
Chicken or turkey bacon exist but they're not very satisfying. My preferred option would be to put some ham in a skewer, and fry it a little bit with minimal fat seeing as there's already plenty of fat in the ham. It tastes more like bacon than the turkey stuff.