What genre(s) of book(s) do you most enjoy reading?

Christoffer W.
I like reading books I can learn from. The most important thing for me is to learn something new, wether it is from a romance or a sci-fi book.
Emily Q.
Romance – I love the guarantee of a happily every after, reduces my stress while reading (I’m not worrying about if things will be ok – just how they get there)
Emily T.
Fantasy books! I like series with lots of books like Harry Potter or Game of Thrones. I find it comforting to go back into that world every night – it’s like a big hug before I go to bed!
Rebecca Y.
I've been reading "Mummy blog" type books e.g The Diary of an unmumsy Mummy. My sister gave me a book called "Zest" which is a self help type of book written by 3 friends and I'm enjoying reading it.