What foods do you eat after a workout? I need high protein foods because of my hypoglycemia, but if there is a fruit or veggie that replenishes nutrients I’ll add those in. Been getting leg cramps (besides normal soreness), that I want to avoid! Any ideas?

Nikolaj F.
In general, hypoglycemia is actually due to a drop of blood sugar. I am also hupoglycemic. So, yes, you need protein to sustain and regulate you system, but protein alone won’t help with the leg cramps. It sounds like you need to replenish potassium, magnesium, and calcium. A good way to do this is though bananas, Kale, yogurt, etc. stuff high in the “ums”. In general, strive to always pair sugar/carbs with protein to keep your blood sugar regulated and try to do smaller snacks throughout the day instead of just big meals. Your body will process everything better.

Annika F.
Hey 🙂 so I really enjoy broccoli, nuts, and also plant based protein powder (but they do tend to have some sugar in them). Also lentils are really good and quinoa is one of my favorites, I usually cook a bigger pot at the beginning of the week and then just add some to my meals or make a salad with it throughout the week.