What do you write when you just don’t have anything to say? Do you write anyway?

Izzy N.
I write anyway!! I think the most important thing about journaling is keeping it up until it becomes a habit. And even if I have nothing that I feel is worthwhile, I find that once I start writing, it still becomes Something. Even if all I’m doing is writing about what I did today, I still consider it a valuable entry. Tone alone can indicate deeper thoughts or emotions , and one day when I look back on these entries, I know I’ll be glad that I kept such consistent records of my earlier days. 🙂
C G.
Yeah, I write about that. I write that I don’t have anything to write about and reflect on why that might be. If I get up to get a cup of tea and sit back down and still can’t write, I’ll make a mention of the cup of tea. You can write about anything and writing about your present moment is a form of mindfulness and awareness of yourself, so why not write about that present moment. Look around you, are the lights on or off, does the click tick or is the radio on? Is it cold? What do you see? Is anyone with you?