What do you do on days when you just have no motivation?

Orbis N.
I don't. I struggle a lot with depression, anxiety and addiction, and am generally stressed with all the work I need to be doing. When I have no motivation to do things, I focus on doing nothing, or more specifically, not giving into my addiction. If I don't use for a day, that's a win for me, even if that means I didn't get anything done. More often than not, the small success carries over to the next day as self confidence and motivation. I've noticed that the weeks with 0 motivation, are also the weeks I've given into my addiction almost everyday. I'm sorry if this is not the answer you're looking for. I cannot give you motivation, it has to come from you, and you need to figure out what gives you motivation. Good luck my friend.

Genaro P.
When I have no motivation: first, I remember why I started and second, discipline come to help. Sometimes you are lack of motivation but when you are disciplined, you know you have to do that no matter what.