I have never prayed, but when I think about those things I’m grateful for I feel like I am praying. Does this mean I am being grateful in the right way? Is there a most optimal way to think about the things you are grateful for?

Mrs Marylynn F.
Well there's more than just a optional way as don't be negative and start being more positive and don't over think about it does put alot more personal perpress on you you should more positive for your family and friends or your extended family. From marylynn Smith
Lynda Y.
I don't think there is only one way to be grateful – we're all individuals with different points of view, values, beliefs etc. and we do things that work best for us. I have no right to tell you how you should be grateful – it's unfair and would dishonor your path. I say if you feel the sunlight of the Spirit in your heart, then that's all that matters. Live and let live. Peace.✌🏽
Patricia Y.
Eu acho que vc está certo. Se grato é a melhor maneira de orar. Reconhecer e agradecer abrem o universo pra se manifestar através de vc! 😊
Modupe N.
I show gratefulness through prayer but I believe we can show gratefulness in other ways such as our interactions with others, our behavior towards others, and our thoughts. Prayer is a way of showing gratitude towards the one who made those things worth being grateful for; that’s how I see it. So even if you just close your eyes and the thoughts of gratefulness cross your mind, it’s a form of prayer.