What do you do for your disconnect habit?

Sibylla A.
At the moment I just try to follow the rules set in my phone. It will not let me open apps after 11 pm(see phone settings – digital balance/screen time)
Gabriel A.
I put on relaxing music and ignore any messages after 9pm. I like to lay on my bed with my legs and arms spread out (comfortably) and stare at the ceiling. It allows me to have time to think about what I’m grateful for, what I want to accomplish, and many other things. It also allows me to find a since of calm. In a way it’s my own form of meditation.
If you have nothing to do, just put on music (it can be relaxing or your favorite kind), lay down, and just stare off into the distance.

You can do anything you want as long as you put your mind to it. Your phone, computer, tablet, etc. doesn’t have to be apart of achieving your goal. I think without them (all the time) you could accomplish more.


Delores E.
To disconnect I plug in my diffuser with a sleepy time oil mix. Put on low lighting, and complete my gratitude journal and my nightly brain dump. I write down everything I have on my mind so I can rest with a clear head. Then I read for 15-30 minutes.
Tobias X.
I give myself an hour and a half to make sure I'm probably relaxed, If I don't take so long then I'm in bed early which is a bonus. I take a warm shower followed by drying my hair. Then I have a cup of herbal tea followed by a full body stretch
Logan P.
I think we've all heard of the benefits of journaling, but it's a habit that is hard to pick up. Especially at night, when you're exhausted and the last thing you want to do is to sit down and write.
That's why I personally do audio journaling! It's just as effective (if not more)! All you need to do is start the recording on your phone, put it on the side and lay down in your bed as you vent your day to yourself and become your own therapist. It's very therapeutic! The stop button is usually on the lock screen so you can stop the recording quick and easy without opening your phone and you can then go to bed with the heart and the mind a lot lighter and free of the worry of the day!
Na L S.
I put my iPhone in silent mode in order not to get distracted by notification sounds and I read a book before fall to bed. Having a hot beverage it helps to call. Down and prepare for sleep.
Frida Z.
I read my children a story before bed. This means I get to disconnect from technology and reconnect with my children and I'm just about ready for bed by the end.
Eus Bio F.
Hii Fabulous user ! Thats a good question. I just relax and put my devices aside and find something productive to do that will keep me from checking my phone all the time. 🙂
Frederik X.
I really disconnected every single device when i go to bed and that make me feel good and happey and feel that all devices is not that much important in my life
Michelle T.
Try to find something to do not using electronics. Phone goes on silent. Pick up a paper copy book or article to read. Meditate/stretch. Go for a walk (and don't look at your phone).
Willie E.
I put my phone in 'do not disturb' mode and plug it into charger on opposite side of room. I get in bed and read a book instead of watching TV.