What can help me disconnect at home in the evenings? I find that even after I read a book I give into checking my social media. I’ve now closed down a few but still struggling with one..

Tilo X.
My evening routine (brushing my teeth, preparing everything i need for the next day, packing my food) helps me disconnecting, although I really struggle not to check my SM profiles while in bed
Rasmus C.
It’s so easy to disconnect when you’re shopping or out with friends etc. When I want to disconnect at home, I’ll make a list of things I need to do. Cleaning, organizing, errands. Sometimes I’ll even hide my phone, like in my purse, under a pillow, somewhere out of sight.
Nolan T.
I’ve found that I need to turn off all notifications so I can relax and calm down without feeling the need to connect. I have learned that nothing is that important that it can’t wait until I’m finished with me time!
Estef Nia P.
Make reading your book your final task of the day- make it your relaxation task. I put my phone onto charge, set my morning alarm then place it face down on the bedside table (on Do Not Disturb mode) so I don’t get tempted by notifications coming through. You can then vanish into your book world then put your book to go to sleep.
Pierre Z.
Don’t forget the Do Not Disturb feature on your phone! And review what you’re receiving notifications for, from each social media stream. There’ll surely be some guilty pleasures amongst them. Maybe even some surprises!
Randy P.
Just put away the phone. Put it in a drawer or put it in another room. If it’s somewhere else you probably won’t be bothered to go and get it. If this doesn’t work, try putting limits on your phone. I know on an apple phone you can put on screen time which allows you to me limited on either how much time you spend on each app or what times you can spend on your phone.