What are some easy ways to disconnect from life and people?

Mason E.
When I need to get away from it all I like to listen to music with headphones in or read a book. Provides me the escape I need.
Shanika S.
Hi, i hope you’re doing good! I’m not completely sure what you mean by disconnecting from life and people but I can tell you what I’m doing every day to disconnect from stressful situations and focus more on inner calm. One of the primary things I’ve done is to start meditating daily. I downloaded the calm app to help me with it and I’ve used this one to add it in to my daily routine so that I get a reminder every day to help sticking to it. While it’s difficult to relax and focus your mind at first, just try easing in to it gradually. The first day I could only do it for 2 minutes before I got distracted but now I can do a 30 minute session without losing focus. It took me a three weeks to get to this point. But it has helped me be more mindful in day to day life as well, and sometimes if I find myself in a situation or person that makes me feel highly stressed, I take a quick five minute break to just focus on my breathing and centering myself again. Hope it helps.
Brian Z.
Put your phone on aeroplane mode, do any activity that will de-stress (Yoga, running etc.) And disconnect your thoughts from the busy world. This is the most important part. Just for 20 minutes, give yourself the space to be free from concern, worry or fear. All of life will still be there when you return.