What are good strengthening exercises?

Julie E.
I think yoga is. I ride horses and need really strong core and thighs if I don't want to end up with my face in the dirt. I find that yoga is good for the mind, body and soul.
Valeria P.
I don't like doing exercises, it's boring, so I started dancing "Rasputine" from just dance. It's pretty hard, but it's fun too
Justine P.
A basic yoga flow is really good for building strength gradually. It's the kind of exercise that doesn't necessarily feel very intense, but done over time makes a really noticeable difference.
Malika N.
If you mean physical strength i’d totally recommend the app ‘Workout women’
(The app is for all genders. My brother uses it as well c:)

If you mean mindfullness or any kind of mental strength, i’d recommend searching for some Yoga classes or meditation classes. Online or in person :))

I hope that answers your question