Should I keep my eyes open or closed when meditating?

Emily J.
Keep your eyes closed as long as you can. During the process enjoy the images that come to your head, and slowly become aware of what they are, so you can train your mind to separate the distractions from what matters during meditation.

Sue U.
You can do it both ways – depending on what type of meditation you are doing. I use the Headspace app which I love. He has you start with eyes open and then move to eyes closed. But there are also meditations you can do while walking – with eyes open of course.

Vanuza P.
I really think that you should keep your eyes closed. It allows your brain and body to focus and relax. When you have your eyes open, I feel as though some people will be distracted by their surroundings. But I suppose that focus will allow relaxation too?

Hunter Y.
Ideally you must close your eyes, as the eye is the window of the mind. Keeping your eyes open will mean that the mind may not have a chance to relax as it is busy engaged and distracted with the outside world. On the otherhand, When your eyes are closed you have a much better chance of drawing attention inside within the boundaries of your body and towards your breath. This will help in getting more and more awareness. This will in turn help you become calmer and more grounded.

Eino C.
I prefer Zen meditation, not closed, yet not fully opened. Overall the eyes are not so important but the process of meditation itself.

Fabio C.
I prefer to keep my eyes closed when I meditate because I find it easier to quiet my mind when I don’t have visual distractions. On the other hand, I have meditated while staying focused on one item or spot. There’s no steadfast rule. Experiment to see what works best for you!

Mason G.
Either, but I find closed is easier as it is easier to focus my attention inward without as many visual distractions.

Patrick Z.
It's better to keep your eyes closed since meditation is about clearing your mind from any mental activity and thoughts. Just you and nothing.

Keeping your eyes opened may consequently distract you from achieving the state of meditation.

Eliza J.
Closed usually is easier to focus unless you want to use a visual thing to focus on like a candle flame or a still object.

Idelso Q.
Everyone is different. Some people don’t feel safe enough closing their eyes and others do. If you don’t feel comfortable closing your eyes then gazing downward I think can be helpful.

I suppose the end result is that we are able to reach a meditative state with our eyes open….so no harm in starting there.

Glen U.
I think that you should try to have them closed. One reason for that is that our sight is the most engaging sense. 70-80% of the information that we process comes through our eyes and that will affect your ability to concentrate during meditation.

Fatma N.
Perhaps it doesn't matter but I generally start with eyes closed then slightly open them, basically following the usual instructions for zazen.

Alexandre G.
If you are at the beach, by all means, keep your eyes open. If you are NOT somewhere relaxing, you may prefer to close them and visualize the beach or your happy place.