I’ve become accustomed to falling asleep to the tv/show is there any good tips to wean away from this

C I.
I personally don't think there's anything wrong with having noise in the background while you go to sleep, I actually can't go to sleep without it. But I set a sleep timer for about 30-60 minutes on my TV so the noise won't disturb my sleep once I actually am asleep. I also don't put on anything interesting (like a series I'm following, for instance). Something like a slow-paced YouTube video, or a sitcom I've seen a million times, just for the background noise (I sleep on my stomach, so the light doesn't really bother me). If you really want to get away from having it on but need the background noise to fall asleep, a white noise machine might help with that too.
Jd N.
I don’t have a tv in the bedroom but was struggling with turning phone/social media off. Try setting it to shut down/go dark an hour before bed. Find a book /magazine/ crossword that will help you unwind.
Kanitha A.
Develop a new bedtime routine. Like shutting off any electronics/phones/TVs an hour before bed, and showering, reading, or journaling instead (for example). I still need to work on this myself as I too like to binge Netflix before bed.
Kat U.
Wear orange-tinted glasses an hour and a half before bed —and download the science-based sleep app, Rise. It is an indispensable tool just like Fabulous. Realistically it will be hard to ween yourself off of night television, but glasses will help the process. Eventually, just adjust your TV viewing time an hour earlier or find a wind-down that doesn’t include blue light activity.
Michael N.
Try sleep stories, ASMR videos, white/pink/brown noise or other sound generator apps to give the same comforting background hum without the lights (which can disrupt sleep). You can try reducing the volume or setting a shorter timer each night until you don’t need it anymore.