Is it okay if I eat breakfast much later than the rest of my morning routine?

Marten Y.
I'd say so, yeah. Food can be a tricky thing to "get right", and part of getting it "right" could definitely mean eating breakfast quite a lot later than, say, taking your shower or exercising… or whatever else you do in the morning. Additionally, I believe that "morning" can be a subjective thing. Some people's mornings begin far later than mine do, for instance. Just the same way that some people's mornings begin quite a lot earlier than mine do! All in all, a Morning Routine needs to be tailored to how you live your life. If you don't overthink things too much, then a natural morning routine will almost form itself… it just takes a bit of time.

Aless S.
It is!!! I think eating breakfast is the actual act of taking care of yourself, so it doesn't matter if you can't do it straight up from bed all the time, it's always about trying!

Jam N.
Yes! Breakfast is there to give you energy, if some times it gets "late for breakfast" it is still better than nothing.
'Better than nothing' it's a very healthy life sort of mantra, it's a lot less defeatist, and even doing a habit half way is better than not doing it.
That said, IF you can, having something in your stomach before doing other chores or routines can be beneficial if you suffer from gastrointestinal distress, it helps your stomach having something to digest quick in the morning. But you know your body better than anyone and you should gage what works for you best 🙂