I think my breakfast of oatmeal, soy milk, berries, and coffee is making me bloated. Any ideas for alternatives?

Rachael N.
Try making small changes and monitor your symptoms. Choose a different plant milk (almond & rice milks are easy to digest), make millet/quinoa porridge instead of oatmeal or swap coffee for tea or hot lemon water. If that doesn’t help, try the reverse – just have one food and see how you feel. It could take a while to figure out what suits you, but it will be worth the effort.
Hazel S.
Well that's cool if it works for you. Let me recommend you my breakfast of oatmeal, milk, cia, banana, and some vitamine cereals. Trust me it's my favourite. I would like to heard your experience with this. Keep going you're stronger than you think 😉☺️
Samuel C.
maybe you can try to not eat as much! the oatmeal and berries is perfectly fine, and maybe instead of the milk and the coffee, try some water. unless u need the caffeine…which may be a good idea to have less of, since u r feeling bloated.
Vera Z.
Put some hot water in oat brans for 15 min. Then make a pancake from it into pan on mediam heat. Using just a pinch of butter. Spread some cottage cheese and turkey ham on the pancake. Add one small apple for "dessert".
Rebecca S.
Omelette! I’d guess that the carbs may be the element making you bloated. So if you like savoury breakfasts, maybe try an omelette with some veggies like onion and bell peppers.
Jim G.
Protein bars could be an alternative or you could eat some eggs instead. Maybe you have food allergy and should omit soy milk from your meals.
Kristine Y.
Boiled eggs and cooffee. Breakfast does not always need to be big, you just have to have sometging healthy. Good sorce of energy and weight loss.
Katherine Z.
Don't take berries and coffee as your breakfast because those menu Will make you bloated. Just take oatmeal and soy milk.
Lison U.
U can change your breakfast menu by instead of coffee use herbal teas ,try dried oatmeal cereal with mixed dried fruit and low fat yogurt.
Ema P.
That's actually a breakfast that I usually eat. But an avo toast or some scrambled eggs are also a good and healthy choice! I always mix between those options! Sometimes with a coffee or even a fruit smoothie!
Bea C.
It could be the wide range of ingredients clashing with each other, or merely portion size. Try maybe packing the berries for a midday snack instead of having them with the oatmeal, or if you're at home, have the coffee first thing and delay the oats and berries until later in the morning
Enitsa X.
I think it's best to first find out which/if any of these items makes you bloated. From the foods listed – I think it's either the outmeal (rich in fiber, which is great but also could cause the bloating) or the coffee. Try to avoid one for a week, if there's no change – try avoiding the other one next week. My personal favourite breakfast is a smoothy made of Bulgarian yoghurt (the good bacteria in it is great for your gut) + 1 whole banana + 1 scoop of protein powder + 1 spoonful of mixed seeds. Hope that helps! 🙂
Louise Y.
Maybe it's an Italian thing, but I like to have bread with something (jam, cheese, Nutella). Although it may not be the healthiest I like to have something to get my teeth in. Also, I love apples!
Angelica G.
Hello! Great Job on your healthy, and yummy meal! I think what would benefit you is to stay away from soy products for long term use (they increase estrogen levels..your risk of cancer heightens). I’d switch to an alternative like coconut milk if you're trying to stay away from dairy! I hope this helps! (John 16:33)