I have trouble getting to sleep at a reasonable time. I like to hang out & watch TV until like 1 AM. It’s not that I need help sleeping; I just need help putting myself to bed. Any suggestions?

Lilly N.
Set an alarm for your bedtime routine and have an accountability partner if needed. Take a shower before bed to help relax your muscles and start to slow down. If you use technology at night, wear blue light blocking glasses and don’t use your phone once in bed. Unwind in bed by reading or meditating.
Anna S.
Well I do the same thing so maybe start to hangout and watch TV earlier in the night and set that time for everyday so your body and mind gets used to it. Also make sure to turn off your lights or dim them and quiet your surroundings like at least an hour before you go to bed. It helps to make the scene look like your going to bed before you do so your body and mind think your getting ready to. I know it may not seem like it will work but it's been helping me alot. Best regards. Also you could probably look up ways on the internet or ask your doctor maybe if my way doesn't help at all. But you have to find what way works for you the best. It may be setting the scene to be quiet and dark 2-3 hours before, everyone is different and reacts differently.
Perry E.
Find a trigger that signals your body that it's bed time!

Drink a soothing tea like chamomile or hot chocolate.

Also try to sleep 15 minutes earlier each day until you reach your desired time. So your next bedtime will be 12:45am instead of 1!

Gigi S.
Once in bed and in a dark room, I generally take a few deep breaths, meditate via Youtube videos, listen to rain or listen to asmr videos.
Silje C.
I do the same thing and I find settings a reminder in my phone helps. If you have an Apple phone like me, you can set screen time limits or have it turn of a certain time. Hope this helps!
Tjiunomuinjo X.
I don't have a sleep routine,I sleep on different time schedule everyday and wake up on the same . I think I over think to a point I sleep can't bring myself to sleep .
Louane N.
Try this
First try counting in your head
1.Breath in while counting from 1-4 seconds
2. Hold it ubtul your counting reaches to 7
3.breath out when your counting reaches to 8

breath in
Breath out

Margarete Y.
The challenge seems to focus on the need to make sleep a priority rather then a curfew enforcer. You may want to create a schedule for your day or week. Make precomitments with yourself and with friends to stick to a schedule. Keep in mind that 24 hours are a lot shorter than you think. If you're not careful your night may end up being longer than your day.
Giovanna E.
One thing I did that has worked for me, was starting using the Habitica app alongside to the Fabulous app. Habitica is an RPG to-do app, so when you complete a task, you collect coins, which you can use to buy rewards. I have created a reward called “1 Netflix EP”, so every time I want to watch it I need to buy it. Last night I wanted to watch more EPs, but I had not enough coins, so I just shut the tv off and went to bed.
Nolan N.
I would definitely recommend setting some restrictions for your phone past a certain amount of time.I also set my phone tonight shift at around 8:30 so that blue light doesn’t prevent me from getting tired. Also, check to see if your phone has a do not disturb during bedtime function. Good luck!
Cindy W.
I have my fabulous set up for 10:30 pm. When I hear alarm I start my evening routine, go to sleep without checking the phone (since I'm doing it i have no troubles in falling asleep,. Before I was watching my phone sometimes even till 3am 😲). When I cannot sleep at around 11pm I stay to read a book.
Christopher Q.
Set an alarm on your phone, or set a sleep timer on your tv. When the alarm goes off, start preparing for bed without looking at your phone. If it’s anxiety, which I deal with myself, I suggest getting an audiobook to listen too. You can hear stories without the blue light affecting you too much.
Nick N.
Make sure you Have a shower and eat dinner not too late then have a set time to do a “night routine” before bed, say doing daily meditation and reading starting at 8pm