I can’t touch my toes- can you? If you can, what stretch might help me get there. If you can’t— I’m right there with you. Let’s learn!

Susan Z.
Rolling down your spine. So you roll head first then neck then each vertebrae slowly until you reach down as fast as you can and dangle your hands and fingers. You stay relaxed but each time you could reach further. Unfurl slowly the neck and head coming up last.
Holy Q.
I can touch my toes and put my whole palm on the floor! Currently, I am trying to stretch my legs out so that I can attempt a split soon…My legs need more flexibility. This app is going to help keep me on task!
Amber N.
Right there with you! My yoga instructor said to stand up, put my hands on my toes and head towards my knees, and bend the knees if necessary. This way, you’re already stretching your neck and back without also putting too much strain on your calfs.
Then, I do some warrior 1 and 2 poses to stretch the back of my legs.
Lastly, I stand up with my legs spread out and touch the floor. Make sure you don’t lean backwards. You could practice this while standing against a wall. Then, while still in the same stand, I move towards my left leg and try to hold my ankle, and then repeat the samen on my other leg.
This had helped me tremendously! I hope it helps you too! Good luck 🙏
Claire I.
You have to stretch everyday it depends also in your routine when u want to stretch. Base on mine, I use fabulous and they have the stretch category and when u try it for the first time it is actually hard but if u are really determine you can reach your goal . Fabulous helps me a lot and stretching is part of my daily routine in afternoon. So u better download fabulous and don’t give up no matter how hard it is and how tiring it is u just have to be a determined person when it comes to ur goal .
Michele L.
Unfortunately I cannot. I wish I could as I think improved flexibility would improve my overall health and well-being, as my job requires me to sit long days by the computer.