How often should I stretch, I have joint problems, i am pigeon toed and double jointed and i injured my neck very badly horse riding six years ago and i suffer from chronic pain🌪

Kaye Z.
I don't think frequency matters, however I'm not a physical therapist. I stretch when I wake up, and when I've been in one position for an extended amount of time. I also stretch before bed. Sometimes while taking a long shower. I think it's important to try to consistently get some gentle movement in, in the form of stretching.

Gennette G.
I would stretch at least once every day. Some gentle stretching in the morning and before bed would probably be even better. I also suffer with joint issues and I have found some really good seated stretching and seated yoga videos that really help me stretch, improve my flexibility and decrease my joint pain.

Renae W.
Hi i have scoliosis and I tend to stretch or do yoga twice a day when I can in the morning and in the evening in the morning a more active stretching or yoga to get energy flowing through you granting you more energy for the day ahead and a deeper more controlled and paced stretch in the evening just releasing all the strain and stress of the day and giving me the chance to really relax and I unusually relay my day while I do this a type of meditation just being present before bed.

J W.
Find a physical therapist who has experience treating your challenges and asl them for a stretching routine and advice on frequency of stretching. Or watch physical therapy videos on YouTube.

Abbie O.
I stretch every morning, and after I have done exercise. I am hyper mobile too and have to be very careful not to over-stretch and damage myself. I never go to the edge of a stretch, and always treat my body with kindness. I also do quite a lot of strength training so that my muscles are strong enough to help support my joints.

Victoria F.
I have back problems and honestly, doesn't matter what u have, u need to stretch in order to maintain and keep ur flexibility. The most important thing is to find a stretching program that was created for people with joint problems. I have a herniated disk and I stretch on a daily basis doing Yoga for herniated disk. If I do yoga in a classical way, I will surely damage my spine, but this way I make sure that this is something that I can do. So find something customized and keep going ❤️

Janice F.
As often as you feel the need, but just gentle stretches! Just enough each time to feel the benefits without causing discomfort. A gentle stretch now and again is an easy habit to form too.

Karla B.
I have chronic back pain and I stretch twice a day for about 10 minutes each. However, I found that my pain improved immensely when I started strengthening my muscles. Just little everybody at first. I started with 30 squats twice a day and now I have a 20 minute routine each day and I haven't had back pain in ages.