How many min is perfect to cleanbup

Karen Z.
I guess it depends on what and where I'm cleaning. Sometimes the 20 minute sort out/ declutter is enough but other times if I want to complete a task I need longer.
M Lissa Y.
I would start with 15-30 minutes and go from there. After I do the dishes in the afternoon, or start vacuuming a room, I slowly start to realize little things I can tidy up around the house and its already been 15 minutes! Start small because some days you will have a lot more to clean up (like cleaning the entire bathroom or doing laundry) and some days you will only have a little (like making your bed or simply cleaning up after yourself after making lunch). All in all, just do what you need to do to feel accomplished and, most importantly, feel clean in your own home. I hope this helps and answered your question!