How many hour do you need for sleep each day?

Aaron O.
8 is suggested but I like 9 to feel good, going to sleep at 11 is a good time to go to bed and wake up is 8 to start morning routine
Ylonah P.
Atleast 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep will recharge me for the day. I can sleep for 10 hours, but if frequently interrupted, I’d still lack energy in the morning
Pam H.
Naturally, the average human body needs 8 hours of sleep but you see….my sleep schedule is muddled up so I sleep when I get tired out or to the point of full exhaustion.

With that the hours of sleep I have is 9 hours or more, sometimes less depending on my mood.

Leanne W.
I typically get a full 8 hours sleep, I don’t need to get up at a certain time at the moment, so set my alarm for the time I hit the pillow +8hrs 15 mins. Beating the alarm feels good!