How do you stay focused to study? How do you overcome distractions and maintain a healthy lifestyle during the studying period?

Anton U.
I usually turn my phone off with all of the social media and then i put a glass of green tea or whatever next to me and I just set and ofcourse the surrounding should be quite and you are going to get used to it day by day
Wibke F.
when I study, I like to turn on some non lyrical music, because I tend to be more comfortable with music, though this may not be for everyone. I also like to study in 30 min increments and then take a small break in between. something good to do would be keeping a big glass of water next to you so you could stay hydrated and prevent cravings for unhealthy snacks, and maybe have a healthy snack next to you while studying! hope this helps☺️
Maria Q.
I try to get away from people in my house who distract me perhaps on the porch or even sometimes I have to leave the house and go to the beach where no one’s around. Lately my foot has been sore and I’ve been unable to do much walking due to my work but I am starting physical therapy Friday and I’m going to meet this challenge head-on
Caroline Z.
I put my cellphone away, put on some music (for focus, smooth piano and no lyrics). I drink lots of water and try to exercise regularly, especially my core muscles and seat.
Grace C.
I do best if I can hyper focus. Closing off any distractions. That doesn't always mean locking myself up in a room with know electronics. I just refuse to answer until I get to my stopping point goal.
Cecilie F.
I prioritize and I make the effort to study and I put a lot of time into it as well. I eat well, I meditate, I exercise and I also breathe if I get stressed out
Maddison A.
I use a method I found in a video on youtube. I can't remember the name, but the strategy was to set yourself a small goal to complete and time your self studying for 25 minutes. Have a notebook next you while you study and anytime you get distracted thinking about something off topic, don't do that (maybe it's cleaning, using social media) instead, write it down and continue with the task you set out to do. By the end of 25 minutes, look at the notebook and ask yourself if any of the things you wrote down need to be done. If you decide anything is important, put it on your to do list. Continue studying this way until the task you set out to do is done. You will find this method an incredibly helpful and simple way to avoid procrastination and study efficiently.
Eduardo T.
If you believe in yourself plus determination with a purpose. There’s nothing stopping you from achieving except yourself. If you have the willingness to do what you set out to do the rest will fall right in.

Also, I recommend getting out of the house to study 📖. There are so many things within a home that will love to get your attention. As for a healthy

Carlos B.
When I study I put away all distractions and put on some quiet piano music I know you spoke us and get it done on one session for each subject
Anita U.
I stay focused by listening to low mellow music and nothing too upbeat. I over come distractions by trying extra hard on an assignment. I also have a light snack and always have water by me to make sure I have no distractions. I put my phone on silent and turn everything off around me. I also make notes when reading.
Lo S S.
I time block. Rather than thinking, I must get this section done. I would allocate myself 1-2 hours or so where I would engage in ‘deep work’ uninterrupted time. It’s good to prepare before the time slot: make yourself a cup of tea, have your notes out ready, make sure you’re warm enough.
Savannah J.
I used to do sports for increased concentration, and regular pauses e.g. study 50 minutes-pause 10 minutes, etc.