How do you motivate yourself to have a deep work session in the morning when you know you already have a lighter work load that day?

Magnus W.
I remind myself that a deep work session will allow me to enjoy the rest of the day after I breeze through my remaining work load. I appreciate the hard work because it allows me to play with complete focus! 💪🏽😀

Margie S.
I try to concentrate on the feeling that I have after the deep work session; a mixture of accomplishment and relief, rather that the work itself. It’s *that* feeling that makes it non-negotiable for me, regardless of what sort of day I have ahead of me. I also don’t make it too inflexible. If my day is better suited to a later deep work session then so be it. The danger of setting a rigid deadline, to me anyway, is that you may feel you’ve failed if you don’t meet it. There is no harm in moving the goalposts occasionally if the outcome is the same!

Emily Z.
I’m too much motivatiting in the morning,but when I started the work I’mfqcing a distraction in my mind make me stop focusing on work and just focus on thinking of another things like problems

Gustav B.
I think that by completing the work in the first half of the day I can focus on the other work and get it completed and also plan effectively for the next day as well.

Simon C.
Sorry that has never happened to me. I always have a heavy workload…so much so that some days I’ve no idea where to start

Folker X.
I break it up into 1/3s so I have tiny 5 minute breaks or if someone or something interrupt me while I'm doing my whatever it is I'm doing

Hans Herbert A.
It’s not about clearing off your to do list, it’s about maintaining habit and keeping your motivation consistent. Maybe your work is light but that just means you have time to focus on bettering the other parts of your life. Maybe a nap or a workout will be the most productive thing you do. Keep the fire stoked for when tables turn.