How do you keep on writing in your journal everyday? Basically, how do you catch up every single day? I have my notifications on for writing in it, but I still can’t catch up. Thanks in advance

L Ccio S.
I don’t write diaries every day because I want to see my ups and downs when I look back not just trivial stuff. Don’t put pressure on yourself and think you have to make it a habit. Just give you a push to write when you feel down or exuberant.
Maria N.
Maybe associating it with other habits could be helpful. Maybe make it the first thing you do when you wake up, what you do right before or after lunch, and what you do before bed. You could even set out only 5-10 minutes so it’s not a large or overwhelming goal.
Debbie U.
I write in my journal pretty much every day but I only write in it when I rlly need to get something down, it doesnt matter if it's not consistent. thats the beauty of journaling its rlly free. Have fun and dont be too strict with it, just get down what's important if u can, good luck x
Gudula O.
Not going to lie. It's tough. It's often the last thing I want to do, but I'm going to keep doing it. Even if all I write is a few lines or I repeat myself often, I see it as a way of training the habit of not backing down from something I've committed to doing. Try not to require too much of yourself. Again, it could be less than 5mins. But keep going back a few weeks and reviewing it and see if it inspires new thoughts.
Lorena S.
I dont write out every last detail nowadays. When I was younger I would write out everything which would take an hour or so and that isnt realistic in my life right now.

Instead, I right short (almost poetic sometimes) phrases of what the day was like/what happened. Sentences or phrases that will jog my memory if I read it again. I only write the really important details I want to remember.

And sometimes if it's late i will also make this type of entry on the notes in my phone (or straight into the fab app on the journaling prompt). It only takes 2-10min.

Tristan W.
Same here. Yesterday was the first day I didnt write because I had a migraine so I went straight to bed. I’ve been forcing myself to journal everyday at the same time. I stop whatever Im doing, open a new text document on the computer or the notes app in my phone and write simply how the day went from when I woke up until writing time. Its not easy if you never had the habit of writing which I grew up doing so I feel familiar to journaling which makes it a little bit easier. Journaling is also an exercise but try to be consistent and you’ll notice how your thoughts and feelings become clearer. Hope I was able to help or ease the worrying. Go slow just dont stop. Have a good day! Xx
Maddi U.
If you’re not talking everyday to friends or updating your status about your feelings then you’re keeping it in. Realize how unhealthy that is and then with Fabulous put it in your EVENING schedule. Do it after your shower. Taking a shower is very reflective. So when you get out and lotion and do whatever else you do after a shower then open your journal and write something, anything. After a while you’ll start opening up more.
Brandon P.
if i can’t always write every day i still try to write /about/ every day. so if i miss a day or two i think back on those missed days and reflect and write about them. maybe even write about why you weren’t able to (or didn’t choose to) take a few min to write on those missed days?