How do you feel once you have completed a truly hard deep work session?! 🤩

Emmie U.
I feel more engaged and capable of doing my work. Beside that, everything that isn’t in my 3 important tasks for the day is a distraction and goes directly to my distraction log.
Amelia S.
I took to working with my hands, rather than book work. However, it simply feels fulfilling. I get a simple feeling of accomplishment, like I didn't waste my day.
Victor U.
I feel completely organized. Can focusing my work without interpretation. I can improve my quality of work. Still learning to stay focus in working.
Lori B.
It feels great! I feel like I’ve done something productive for the day and really made a great use of my time. I also think it makes me feel good, the fact that I was so indepth and working hard without falling for distractions.
Lonnie S.
I feel good because I know I have achieved some progress in the morning itself. It makes completing the task later on less daunting because I know I have already started it and got some of it done.
Florent C.
Unfulfilled but excited for the next one. I suppose we’ll truly feel satisfied, but that’s what causes us to do and be better.