How do you disconnect and unplug if self-hypnosis on your phone is a part of your ritual?

Frederick P.
I will light some incense or essential oils, then I take out a book and read, journal for a while, or just reflect on my day. I’ve also started a ritual before going to sleep of writing down things like “I release all my negative energy” and “I am worthy of love and happiness” and burning them in a small candle. This helps me visualize and put into action letting things go and bringing things in.
Monja O.
Maybe consider disconnecting and unplug an end to video watching or chatting for the day and still use the hypnosis but try to minimize screen time other than that.
Johan Z.
I am not doing self hypnosis. But I am checking everything either before the evening routine or the next morning. I would also not see self-hypnosis as being plugged in, as long as you just do the self-hypnosis on your phone and nothing else.
Lucien Y.
Honestly our lives are based off of our phones now.
I have changed the allowed social media time on my phone and made it so I can not be contacted on any social media’s between the times of 9:30pm and 6:30am – I’m sleeping during this time and am disconnected from social media and people.

Use your phone to help you sleep just reduce your social media intake – disconnected and unplugged from the internet.

Also place your phone more than 1 metre away from your head.

Let it be away from your mind and body.
Just listen and unwind.

Jacek W.
I tend to listen to a sleep story at bedtime. I put my phone on a shelf a few feet away from the bed, play the story and drift off to sleep. The phone turns off automatically after it plays.