Do you sometimes get anxious when you disconnect? How do you wind down from feeling anxiety about putting the phone away?

Andreas E.
Well I always feel i could check one of my social networks to make sure I saw every message or new posts or my email but then I started to think, "it's my phone, I'm not its" it's okay to leave it and actually very satisfying from 23pm to 9am to have it off! I make a tea, write down on paper some random things, I actually started to have more ideas and more dreams, i love going to bed and just read a bit before falling asleep, and before, when i was always on and available i didnt have this feeling.
So its normal to feel a bit anxious in thr begging but quickly it will be very pleasant πŸ™‚
Neja E.
Yes, sometimes I feel like someone will write me something or that an important thing will happen and I will miss it because I am disconected from wifi. I just try to think that nothing is that important and if it would be, for example if someone would need me, they would just call me. I rather use that time to do some other stuff like studying or just doing something for myself. I feel that when I am disconected I have also less too worry about in general and I just feel good about it.
Hermann O.
Yes, sometimes I feel anxious
I do some meditation at that time and also I spend some time with my family and friends…And Also I do some skincare and I just relax and fill myself up with self love and positivity..Hope you like this…I am always there πŸ™‚ Love,Love πŸ™‚
Connor O.
When I disconnect I usually try to quiet my mind or distract myself by reading or listening to music. If you let go of your attachment to your phone it is easier to live a happier life since you focus on more important things