How do you best build habits

Janette P.
I like to write down my goals, and make a mark or add a sticker when I take a step towards it. For instance, if I’m working on drinking 8 glasses of water a day, I give myself a sticker in my journal. That way at the end of the day I have a visual reminder of what I’ve accomplished. It keeps me motivated!
Zoran N.
Over time and through repetition. Changing one thing at a time and really cementing it as part of my routine. Having a structured schedule helps.
Roxane U.
First you have to understand why you want to build that habit and not just do it because someone told you it's what you should be doing. Understand the reason behind that and why is it important for you to have it and then push yourself to do it daily. Even if you don't feel like it just one small step at a time! Get up and go towards the place where your habit is starting. Unwillingly at first I know start doing it and you'll see it's not so big of a deal. You can do it. And there will be a time when it's not a deal at all but something you need and want to do daily. You'll feel better after accomplishing whatever you want to accomplish.
Komal F.
the best way for me to build habits is to keep doing it over and over again but slowly. like step by step. such as a whole morning routine, i would have to do each step i want to start doing individually before i can do it altogether.
Vilar N.
When I haven't feel good I decided change my daily routine. I tried 2 or 3 days for test so I saw what I felt so I continue