How can I make my exercise sessions more intense, without getting put off exercising?

Fane G.
Add 1 minute sessions of cardio, before every move.
If you're already doing cardio, modestly light weights can help.
If you add more cardio, be safe and peace yourself, it makes a huge difference in my experience.
Marin T.
Hi, I can only give an example using yoga. In the morning I am not easily motivated so I do more intense but slow paced type of yoga. Hope this gives you some idea.
Olivia Q.
The music. My music changes depending on my workouts, i have OCD and sometimes certain songs will draw out certain ticks depending on my mood. when i am having a hard time staying in routine I change my music too instrumental music. Many choices on YouTube. I find music without words helps me stay focused and in return I can work out at my full potential.
Glen E.
Create the perfect playlist and keep pushing your mind to think it's not just a training for the body. Also put some motivational quotes on the wall and pictures of the body you want to keep you going further